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    I need some studies

    Long story short me and my operations supervisor got into a knock down drag out on some things most importantly strokes, stemi's, and the running of emergency traffic to the hospital. So here is what i need from my friends here at EMTLIFE. I have researched all three topics and can not...
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    Weird thing to posting at 2:20am but I need a suggestion on a good cooler to carry back and forth to work. I'm attempting to eat a little healthier and cheaper by bringing food and drink for my 24 hour shifts. Only requirement is that I can buy it from amazon ( ordering alot from their come...
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    I've read around that some people actually hang this by mixing their dose in a 100cc bag of NS when using a peripheral IV site...anyone else do this? Our protocols state that we can give 12.5 to 25mg without medical control but it must be diluted and slow IVP. Whats your protocols on this and...
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    Transport I had today

    Aight so we picked up a 84 year old female with terminal cancer to transport her to her doctors office. Her vitals at the time were Bp: 72/50( this was acquired by the doctor, no one on our truck could even hear any sounds while trying to get bp, doctor had to use an amplifier) Pulse 122...
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    EMT-B Instructor

    quick question for people who teach emt-b or emt-p classes in nc. I am currently about to take my instructor methodology. In nc you have to have 100 hours of teaching to get certified as a level one instructor. Do you get paid for these teaching hours? Between my two jobs, clinicals, and vfd all...
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    First emt job Orientation on the 8th

    So I have orientation with a transport service coming up on the 8th.. Just a few questions. Should i wear ems pants and boots? The company supplies the shirts coats and everything else. What should I expect on my orientation day? Thanks everyone, just a little anxious as this will be my first...
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    Best boots for the money

    Aight guys ive searched this topic but could not find a good answer on it. I need to buy some new boots for my job and clinical. They need to be OSHA and NFPA approved. Im looking for some sturdy boots that will last but will also be comfortable to last through 12 hours of work. Also I would...
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    First Med

    Has anyone had any experience with the hiring process at first med?
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    Need a little help on this one

    Aight pt was a 1 year old male suffering from shortness of was moist and a little pale but had some red splotches on him. bp was normal but then dropped into 90/p. pulse was 103 . respirations was 34 with low tidal. no airway allergies. no meds. child was in crib...
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    Hey Everyone

    Hey all, Just wanted to introduce myself. Im 17 and just passed my state basic exam in NC( i have to wait until 18 to get my certification). Im in a zero to hero 32 week class at LCC. I hope to have some good discussions with everyone here