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  1. LifeAlert101

    Off Duty but still concerned?

    Hey guys! So I was just curious to see how many of you listen to whats going on in your city using either a radio or the tool Broadcastify while you're not on duty. I learned that a lot of my fire house friends like to just keep Broadcastify open on their phones when they're off duty just to...
  2. LifeAlert101

    Just Passed

    Hey guys I'm from Connecticut and I've been looking into this private ambulance company that serves my area along with the FD. So today I called them up and and they said being a new graduate I'd be doing primarily transfers and some 911 calls. Not wanting to sound ignorant I went along with the...
  3. LifeAlert101

    New User,interested in learning!

    Hey everyone from the looks of it the majority of the users are quite friendly and I think this would be a great platform for me to receive extra help. I'm only 16 years old and I recently enrolled in a EMT Training Class. With that being said here is a little about me. Age:16 Favorite Sport...