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    Radio and TOC reports

    Hey everyone! Many members tend to have a check list or sort of guideline they follow when giving a radio or a transfer of care report to the hospital. I'm afraid of arriving at the hospital and then clamming up in front of the doctor because I panicked and don't know what to say. Can someone...
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    Getting in shape so I can lift 125 lbs and return to work

    After finally recovering from severe COVID19, I want to return to work in EMS. However, I'm a small person - just over 125 lbs myself. I used to be able to lift 125 lbs without difficulty, but it's been almost a year and most of that time I was really sick (I literally died). I can't afford a...
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    Applying for EMT jobs after once fallen asleep at the wheel (personal vehicle)

    I moved to a new State recently and would absolutely love to re-join EMS. However, about 1.5 years ago I had my license suspended after having fallen asleep at the wheel. I feel like I can make a strong case - I was working four part-time jobs in addition to attending school full-time with an...