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    Should we of Initiated cpr earlier

    So call came for a fall with altered mental status. Get on scene late 60 male laying on grass smelling of booze. Construction workers found him and said he was talking talking them but not making any sense.. Check pulse. Very faint pulse not sure about respirations. Seemed like agonal breathing...
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    Should I have had als on this call

    68 F at Dana Farber. Just finished chemo treatment. Been having a bad cough for few weeks spitting up yellow phlegm. Could definately hear it in her lungs. Bp 160/100 hr 80 sat 97 on 2 lpm. Was transporting and als was behind us so cancelled them. Hospital is less than 10 min away. Should I have...
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    What blood pressure would this pt present with?

    Vague question but given the hx what would you normally see? Stable? Hypo? Hyper? 72 M Leukemia Renal failure Anemic Needs blood transfusion No pt complaints looks well
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    Call review

    Got dispatched to an unknown medical. Get there 57 F laying on stairs face down in vomit. Unwitnessed pt lives alone. No medications found in house only hx qe know is diabetic. Assess pt and transfer pt outside. Pt continues to vomit. Crew applies suction to suction airway. Pt has noticeable...
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    Do you grab vitals on pts that dont want to be transported.

    Example. Had 21 year old male who almost passed out at gym while doiing hiit workout. Friends say he got dizzy and couldnt catch his breath and pt states he felt like he was almost going to pass out. Get on scene pt is outside standing looks perfectly fine no current complaints. Says he had...
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    Refusal on possible SI patient?

    So we were dispatched for an evaluation at home. Patient is 48 year old female. Has a hx of psych issues. Pd is on scene as well. Pts father states he believes pt took a bunch of her medication which were sleeping pills and said she wanted to kill herself. Pd stated they checked her medication...
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    Tar burns?

    So had a broken ankle and guy fell in a little bit of hot asphalt as well on his arms. Took care of the break. He had a little bit of spots of tar on his arm that were burning him as well. So we cleaned it with water to stop the burning. And loosely wrapped it with a sterile sheet. Should I...
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    Anything could of done differently with this call?

    BLS . So got called to a warehouse for an injury. 30 yo f got her left leg pinched between two forklifts. Sitting down on arrival. States pain is in her left shin. Remove shoe with trauma shears while maintaining stabilization. She has all csm in tact can wiggle her toes a bit and has feeling...
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    Stressed guys messdd up on some calls.

    Firefighter/emt and working on ambulance. Ems director just talked to me and my partner about some complaints they had. First call showed up guy had his bag packed and met us inside the ambulance. Said he had abdominal pain x3 days. Transport was 3 min. Didn't get a BP. Guess his BP was super...
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    What could I have done differently for this call?

    So we were dispatched for a 77 year old female indigestion. We get there pt is conscious and alert holding an ice pack to her chest and respirations in the 30s complaining of shortness of breath. No hx besides anxiety and high BP. Grab a set of vitals and pts sat is 84 on room air. Pt is getting...
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    Really bummed in myself for messing up on a call. Stroke

    So we were dispatched to a 74 year old female for back pain. Get there pt is sitting on chair conscious and alert. Daughter called because she hurt her hip but also wasn't making sense. She presented with left hip pain stating she fell mechanically. Denies loc or head strike. She was alert to...
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    What was going on with this patient??

    So got called for unresponsive male about 48 years old. Get on scene pt is laying on couch unresponsive but breathing. Sternum rub the hell out of him...nothing. pick up his hand and let it drop on his face, guy is out. Family states no drug history. Pts pupils slighlty pinpoint. Breathing is...
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    Stomach flu or no

    We were transporting a pt going to hospice. She had liver cancer and cancer elsewhere. Mid drive she threw up on herself and stretcher. We only had purple lid wipes to clean no bleach. Was it norovirus you guys think.
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    ALS needed or no?

    Call came in for chest pain. Bls responded with als behind. Pt was 50 year old female. No cardiac history, diabetes, and arthritis. Pt was complaining of upper chest pain 10 out of 10, neck pain and headache. Pt was not sweating, no trouble breathing, no nausea. Or stated pain was made worse...
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    Got someones blood in my mouth

    So we were working an arrest. Guy was a possible drug user. Long story shorts he was spurting out blood from his mouth and nose and pretty sure I felt a drop go on or in my mouth. Pretty nervous I'm going to catch aids or something now. Help guys
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    Exposed to viral meningitis

    Took a PT into the hospital who ended up having viral meningitis . Was up close with the other the whole time and in an elevator. They did not cough or sneeze just yawned. I through a thin mask on myself while I was in the back with him. Find out later he has viral meningitis. Will I make it.
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    Did i mess up will.i get fired

    So als triaged us a call for a fall pt. 88 year old female. fell in the bathroom had bruising swellong on her left eye. shes on blood thinners. we get her in our truck. find out from her she fell due to 10 out of 10 chest pain. vitals all normal. shes complainong of the chest pain on her left...
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    Freaking out think i may of caught tb

    So went to go pick pt up from dialysis treatment and bring then back ti nursing home. when we got there pt stated he has been coughing up blood. saw some flem along with some blood tint to it. so we brought him to hospital to get checked out. been taking this guy to dialysis a few other times...
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    When do you guys wear masks

    Obviously if they are coughing alot put a mask on them or yourself. But when else. Do you guys wear masks if your pt has the stomach flu or something like that
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    Do you guys get sick/catch more viruses stomach viruses ect since working

    Title . Do you guys catch more stuff since being around sick people all day. How do you guys prevent not being sick after being in such close contact with someone lets say with a stomach flu