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  1. weezeehamilton

    California ambulance DL

    Anybody in California that's taken the ambulance cert test, know of a good study guide online?? I bought the book, but there's a lot of Info in it
  2. weezeehamilton

    ECG Monitor Practice

    As usual, I come to you guys in my time of need. Anybody know if there is an online ECG simulator or an app (hopefully free)? I want to be able to reassociate myself with an ECG monitor (preferrably lifepack) and practice pacing and cardioverting from the comforts of my home as my access to...
  3. weezeehamilton

    Paramedic skills testing

    If it exists, can anyone recommend somewhere I can get some sample paramedic scenarios from the position of the proctor, meaning the scenarios that would be read to me if I were testing. I'm hoping for something where my wife can go through the scenario as a proctor while I do the skill
  4. weezeehamilton

    Passed NREMT-P Psychomotor exam

    So I passed my psychomotor exam a few days ago. Will the results show up in the same location as where the results of the written test are located???
  5. weezeehamilton

    NREMT-P psychomotor

    Any suggestions on how to study for this? Or is it just memorizing and practicing the skills over and over??
  6. weezeehamilton

    EMT-P Data Dumping

    Hello all, Ill be taking my NREMT-P test for the SECOND time on Monday. For those who have done a data dump right before starting the test (wrote down formulas, equations, charts etc). What would you suggest that i write down so I dont have to worry about it later?
  7. weezeehamilton

    NREMT- P Test taking classes

    Hello all, so I've taken the NREMT P test once, and failed. I've kind of known I've had a problem with reading comprehension in general when it comes to test questions. I have an issue really understanding what a question is really asking me. I get really bogged down and distracted by all...
  8. weezeehamilton

    Any tips for passing the NREMT-P

    So i recently took the NREMT-P test for the first time, and didnt pass. Im historically a terrible test taker. I had to take the NREMT-B test twice as well. In medic school i failed every fisdap test the first time, despite all the time and effort i put towards studying. I used...