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    Pt took drugs during transport

    During transport of a combative behavioral patient, the man pulled out a bottle of nicotine lozenges and tossed a couple in his mouth. I never took my eyes on his during txp, I attempted to take the bottle from him and he started hitting me and became more angry. In short, he took the drugs...
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    Refusal v No EMS with behavioral

    Yeah my company doesn’t really have a policy, we use refusals for usually all MVAs, and sometimes if we think it’s medically warranted, but if we get called and it’s nothing we can clear with, No EMS, lift assist, public assist, etc. and LEOs were on scene but in my city it’s EMS job to evaluate...
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    Refusal v No EMS with behavioral

    Got spoken to by a supervisor saying I should’ve gotten a refusal rather than clearing ‘no ems’ dispatched to a psych eval; on scene patient wouldn’t let us enter his house but talked to us he was fully AOx4, denied SI or HI, and said he was doing okay and didn’t want us there. I cleared ‘no...