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  1. jeffcpr

    What was your first 911 call?

    Baby not breathing first call off probation at the start of my 24. Turned out great t was new parents and the infant had trouble passing a mucus plug after feeding. Babe was crying when the medic handed it over. Looking back now it was no big deal. But to hear babe not breathing call number...
  2. jeffcpr

    Feel like im useless

    Man that is tough I taught hybrid EMT. Are you going to do ride alongs. Unfortunately we also did not do ride alongs. I always feel that the ride alongs help it all come together. Stay strong you will get there.
  3. jeffcpr

    New to the group

  4. jeffcpr

    New to the group

    Ya war stories are a personal thing and I can respect that. I stepped down from the field to teach because of a very rough call. Really just looking for a place to stay up on what's happening in the field and being a part of the group.
  5. jeffcpr

    New to the group

    Hey thanks for the reply I will look for the into section and post again. I started out with Medix Ambulance years past then moved to La Habra Fire.
  6. jeffcpr

    New to the group

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I am new to the group. So Cal. EMT of 25 years none NREMT as I am grandfathered in. I now am an educator just looking for a place to discuss what's new and tell some war stories.