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  1. CLTMedic

    Charlotte NC EMS

    You are 100% correct DrParasite. You will be given the illusion of having input, but at they end of the day, management does what they want. Granted, there was a time 10 people were waiting for your spot. Rumor is the last assessment center had 2 candidates, both EMT. I don't know the last...
  2. CLTMedic

    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    Mecklenburg EMS, Charlotte NC does not
  3. CLTMedic

    Charlotte NC EMS

    Tbh, avoid MEDIC at all costs right now. They're going through a bit of a crisis right now. They released a schedule that doesn't provide adequate coverage. All staff has to do a minimum of 10hrs of OT per pay period, which may be your thing, or it may not be. System status model; you go...