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    scrubs Me Too. The hospital I work for allows us to wear scrubs while working. I prefer to wear the BDUs due to all the crap I keep in my pockets, but the hospital supplies us with them too. When I'm in the hospital or on the rigs, I wear the scrub top and the bdus. I get free boots from the...
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    Any tricks of the trade to starting IVs on diabetics?

    lol, that's funny.
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    How many of me?

    There are 0 people with my name in the U.S.A. WTF? I know my name and where I live
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    How nurses handle emergencies!!

    akflightmedic wrote: ....As a flilght medic, we do not respond to nor do we transport traumatic arrests unless they happen to code after we have picked them up...... Yep, it amazes me every time we are about to land at the LZ or a few min out and they say, " Tell the medic that we are doing...
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    Hello All.....

    Hi everyone, long time no talk. It's been a while since I visited this site and I wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. Looking around I saw some things that kind of bothered me, personal attacks, threats of lawsuits and people arguing over treatment of pts. This site is a great place for...
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    Have a copter, now must use it?

    helicopters I work for a hospital that runs 2 helo's for the county. We actually staff a flight medic on a police based helicopter. The pilots are police officers and we respond to all police type missions and all requests for medivacs. We are the only ems agency in the area that can preform...
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    Confused and in angst over medic program!

    good luck and relax. I've sat for the last 3 years doing the interviews for the medic program that I teach with. Definetly treat it as a job interview, dress well, be on time and make eye contact. Be confident but not cocky and sell your strong points. If you know your bad in math, mention...
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    Semi vs. Van

    those are some incredible pics! I was wondering what they were doing to the helicopter, then I read the story. Glad everything turned out ok.
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    New Guy With A Question

    I was offered a job as a FDNY medic a few years ago but I went to work for a hospital based ems system due to the starting pay being much higher for me. The top out pay would have been higher for FDNY but in the beginning you get mandated a lot to stay and can get jerked around. I know people...
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    pic from the air

    The a- stars are single engine and the MD's are twin. The number of engins oesn't mean anything to me on how I do my job, I'm in the back with the pt's, the pilot's up front getting us from point A to point B in one piece. *Flight-LP, funny you should say the 145 is a glorified BK. Before...
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    pic from the air

    Yeah, we run out of 2 A-stars and 2 MD 902. they just purchased a EC145 and that should be up in the mix in October. P.S I hate the A stars. No room at all to do anything for your pt.
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    pic from the air

    It was right in front of Forest Labs, Daly Rd and Commack Rd
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    pic from the air

    well I suck at adding pics, but whatever, it's there. I'm flying again tomorrow night, so maybe I'll get more pics. Here is a shot of our helicopter after a pin job
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    pic from the air

    so last week when I was working my aviation shift, we were called for a police officer that was struck by a car while directing traffic. witnesses on scene stated + LOC for approx 30 seconds. we were in the area looking for a lost girl at the beach about 2 min away, so when we were called to...
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    Effects of Hyperoxygenation

    the ResQpod costs $90 bucks a shot and has a shelf life of 2 years. pretty interesting stuff, have it here. Only to be used in cardiac arrest.
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    Time to Brag - Certifications

    ok, here goes..... FP-C (flight paramedic-certified) NREMT-P NYS EMT-P NYC REMAC EMT-P instructor EMT-B instructor Certified Lab instructor ACLS instructor ACLS PALS AMLS GEMS NRP PHTLS BTLS IABP (Intra Aortic Balloon Pump) cert High risk Maternal transports WMD Firefighter 1...
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    Question with regard to hypoxic drive.

    I was flipping through Paramedic Textbook 2nd edition by Mick Sanders. They came out with the 3rd edition i see. anybody use it yet? is it any good? My medic students starting is August will be using this book, I haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet.
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    Question with regard to hypoxic drive.

    yep, you are correct, the book is wrong. I just so happened to skim by that chapter last night while flipping through my book and it stated " because the respiratory centers are more responsive to pH changes than oxygen, it is the amount of carbon dioxide (and hence the pH) in the blood, rather...
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    Drugs for Diabetic

    lol, you haven't seen some of my students. :) ...j/k
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    Drugs for Diabetic

    Ditto....... no need to push D50 until the BGL drops