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    Starting my own Private Ambulance Service.

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to take business classes my local community college and use that toward starting my own Ambulance service. Would it be a good idea? How much would it cost? I do know what materials are needed because I am an EMT myself, so supplies and that kind of...
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    POV Colored lights in Virginia

    What color lights are legal for POV's in the State of Virginia? Thanks and no mean comments please I want a light to let people know im coming so I dont run in the back of them when im responding to a call on a country road
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    what is the funniest thing a patient has ever said or done to u?

    Funniest moments with a patient in the back of the ambulance
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    Hey guys I was just wondering in Virginia what were the legal light colors for pov's and what was the best type of warning light for a dashboard on a 99 Corolla. Thanks guys for your help PS: My limit is 100 Dollars
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    funny joke

    So did yall hear about the guy that was hit by a truck and lost his whole left side? he was all right :)
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    New EMT

    Wassup guys, I have just completed my EMT Certification with an 81 on the written test so i did very good considering the test was nothing like the tests in the book. I am just seeking advice on how to be a good emt and make an impression on many different people any suggestions, advice, or...