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    Guardian Ambulance, Anchorage

    Hello Everyone, I've tried doing multiple searches through the threads and have found links to Guardian Ambulance in different states, but I was wondering if anyone has worked or knows anything about Guardian Ambulance in Anchorage, AK. Thanks in advance
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    Is a EMT-B higher then a CNA?

    Obviously the correct answer is pineapple. I believe pineapple is at the top of the hierarchy.
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    Nasal Narcan

    Eh, I figure the good ones shouldn't care and it should motivate the bad ones to get their act together..
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    What advice would you give to a newly certified EMT?

    I'm not sure if this has been covered, mainly because I only ready page 2. But, don't be a tool bag. Otherwise have fun and learn all that you can!
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    Grim scene - bystander/first responder GSW scenario

    Then we ask ourselves... Does anything we do, actually make a difference...?
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    Low Blood Sugar

    I would call for a chaplain and start an exorcism. I have a question for you, OP. If the D50 fixed the above issues, would you transport to the hospital? If so, why, if not, why. I am quite curious as to how you would proceed. What if the "seizure" she was having had stopped on your...
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    Grim scene - bystander/first responder GSW scenario

    I apologize for saying led instead of lead, unfortunately I'm not as perfect as I thought I was :wacko: And as for the lead poisoning, I was being a smart :censored::censored::censored: But, I guess it must have gone over your head, I also apologize for that. Maybe someday you'll learn to just...
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    Grim scene - bystander/first responder GSW scenario

    I would promptly trot in the other direction. Mainly. Because I dont want led poisoning and secondly I'm not on duty. Mainly because of the led poisoning though. And if it's a drive by, it's probably hang related. And if I don't have BSI I'm not touching those little gang bangers, who knows...
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    What if we gave narcan to everyone?

    I think the better question is what I we gave everyone Ativan...
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    WA State EMT Cert

    Slow in the ems arena as in with certs? Or it being a progressive ems field...?
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    Mental health, jaded or paranoid?

    It's taught me to love every minute of every day, you never know when it will be your last. Shoot, it could be driving to work or something.
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    Legal Authority to Call Incident Command

    Why do you need to initiate command? I would bet they would be right behind you guys, instead do a good size up and triage then put airlift on standby if needed...?
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    Iowa State university paramedic program

    I know exactly of the photo being discussed, why do you assume I was talking of BBG? I was not. I was talking about the picture on their page, and as I said before, you are just passing judgment on him. You are just guessing about his abilities, if he is able to for fill his job duties who...
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    Iowa State university paramedic program

    And what if this gentlemen was able to pass the cpat and perform duties just fine? Passing judgment based on a picture is retarded.
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    Iowa State university paramedic program

    Ah yes - i meant university of Iowa. Sorry if there was any confusion.
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    Was anyone scared of needles during paramedic school?

    They never really bothered me, I was blessed with great veins and well... You get practiced on the most if you are willing. Hang in there!
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    July 4th

    Plans for this exciting day? I'm working. And to all our brothers(sisters also) out there, stay safe and watch out for those DUIs.
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    Iowa State university paramedic program

    Hello everyone, I just have a quick question. One of my buddies came up to me and asked what I thought of ISUs paramedic program, I really didn't know what to tell him. I know a few people that have gone through their medic program and have been picked up quite quickly by FDs and such. I told...
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    "You can't work on an ambulance and tan!!"

    Drinking... Hmmmm.... I think it's therapeutic. Everyone should either take a shot in the morning or some good ol' vitamin A. All kidding aside, that's ridiculous. The lady that worked there can go pack sand, you might as well wear a full body veil during summer to, because being exposed...
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    5 Terrifying Secrets About Riding in an Ambulance

    Man, I hate it when my ambulance spontaneously combusts. Driving down the road, minding your own business an bam, great balls of fire....