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  1. hometownmedic5

    Did working in EMS make you more or less religious?

    Nothing could possibly make me less religious as there’s no more room in that direction, and nothing I consider likely or even possible could make me more religious, all irrespective of my occupation.
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    If there’s enough of a difference in how you drive when you have the lights on vs when you don’t, you’re doing it wrong.
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    About to start program and noticed drug screen before second class *rx med

    You’d be hard pressed to swing a dead cat in the ready room of an EMS service and not hit someone who’ll pop for adderall, benzos, increasingly marijuana. As long as you have a prescription and aren’t abusing the medication, you’re fine.
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    Paramedic under investigation for death of schizophrenic patient

    Bizarre behavior by itself does not justify the involuntary committal of a patient otherwise able to refuse. Whether this patient received a proper assessment or not it another issue. I'm not limiting myself to this case alone, but expanding on the greater issue based on your statement. We...
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    If you could go back to the start of your EMS career and give yourself advice, what would it be?

    I'm sick to death of people just assuming that nursing is the natural and inevitable progression of the career arc of an EMT. If you want to be a nurse, fine, no judgement; but why bother with the pit stop in EMS? Just so you can **** on the industry forever?
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    Question on Paramedic schools

    What’s left of medic schools here after the urge are in the 8-10 range. Pro took over for northeastern as the big swinging appendage medic school around here. At least with northeastern, everything you did there was college credit. An associates from northeastern was a chip shot after medic...
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    If you could go back to the start of your EMS career and give yourself advice, what would it be?

    While I haven’t been keeping good records, my gut reaction to your post is to say that I probably have known just as many silverback basics who either failed at medic school or came out crappy medics and I know shake and bake medics who are rock stars. I think its heavily dependent on the person...
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    If you could go back to the start of your EMS career and give yourself advice, what would it be?

    No patient, no job, not even your license is worth your long term health. As soon as you are able to identify opposition to the above, it's time to make a change whether that means finding a new partner who doesn't push back when you want to call for additional help, or finding a new job when...
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    Question on Paramedic schools

    14 grand... Maybe you get a better education, maybe you just get your name on a jacket and an ipad. You don't get paid anymore because you went to pro. You don't have an expanded scope because you went to pro. You could do a whole lot of self directed study, including travel and lodging...
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    Paramedic Student Advise

    Advice v. Advise.....
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    Patient’s name in your narrative?

    It’s not wrong, its just pointless and might someday be deleterious if someone pulls a chart for training and doesn’t see the name in the narrative.
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    New England EMS

    The fire departments in Massachusetts can’t catch their limit of paramedics, so if thats something you want, you’d be a walk on to any non civil service department. There isnt much in the way of non fire government services. A few, but they are in the bare minority and one of them wont hire you...
  13. hometownmedic5

    Budesonide ?

    If it's still in clinical trials at Hopkins, it's years away from an American ambulance, at least one in Massachusetts. If the FDA greenlit a magic, guaranteed to work with no side effects cure for anything, it would be ten years before OEMS would even consider reading the pamphlet.
  14. hometownmedic5

    Laptop For EMT training?

    Good luck with your MBP. Louis Rossman will be there for you when you're ready...
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    ALS companies in the Bay Area

    I bet you can hear the caterwauling from the fire guys when they have to transport from three counties away...
  16. hometownmedic5

    ALS companies in the Bay Area

    While I did misinterpret the meat of your post, I was not personally offended by it. I don’t do transfer work anymore, except when the end of the month is coming at me like a rifle bullet and the bank account isn’t going to go the distance, but I know a bunch of medics in our transfer division...
  17. hometownmedic5

    ALS companies in the Bay Area

    I believe a paycheck might be involved. Not everybody wants to deal with street work. Some people are much better suited for IFT work. If my employer made better use of their ALS IFT trucks, I would happily split my time between transfer and 911. I very much enjoyed the complex, high level...
  18. hometownmedic5

    Lights and Sirens

    As a first cut rule, it makes total sense. I can’t stand when someone driving me tries to sneak up on a call. Driving with lights and siren is inherently unsafe. There’s no need to make it more so by only using half your warning system until you’re four inches off the car in front of you’s...
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    ALS companies in the Bay Area

    Expecting people to do their own research these days is an unreasonable request. Just do it for them, then spoon feed it right in.
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    Preventing Fraud-"Medical Necessity"

    So you’re intentionally lying(by omission) so your employer can get paid. Congratulations, you’re part of the problem. Yeah, yeah, I get it. If you do your job clean, you’ll be fired. Self preservation doesn’t negate the offense. If you steal food because your hungry, you still stole food. You...