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  1. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    How in the world is my kid six months old????!??!
  2. Chimpie

    AMR Riverside Strike!

    Good discussion, but keep it civil.
  3. Chimpie

    Surge equipment & vehicle

    Also keep in mind what gap you're trying to fill and something often overlooked, what timeframe-gap are you trying to fill? Having inflatable rooms with generators and a/c/heater units is awesome, but if it's going to take 45 minutes to arrive on site, and realistically an hour or more to set...
  4. Chimpie

    What makes a bystander helpful/unhelpful?

    THIS! "Hey thanks, yes. Can you help move all these people about twenty feet that way, and help keep them over there? Thanks!" Which also means that that particular individual is now also twenty feet away. 😎
  5. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    I can't believe our little one is three months old. Three months! It's insane.
  6. Chimpie

    DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?

    My team goes out and teaches courses like Active Bystander Training and You Are The Help Until Help Arrives, which helps individuals go from being a Passive Bystander to an Active Bystander. They show the importance of taking action, whether it's just calling 911 or providing care, and how it...
  7. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    @MMiz is still fine tuning the chat. It's completely new so old settings didn't transfer over.
  8. Chimpie

    Forum Upgrade!

    Already up. :)
  9. Chimpie

    New Post Reaction System

    Similar to social media sites (ex: Facebook), EMTLIFE now has different post reactions. In addition to liking a post, you can choose from the options seen here.
  10. Chimpie

    Forum Upgrade!

    But look at all the monkey emojis!!!!! 🐒🐵🙈🙉🙊
  11. Chimpie

    Forum Upgrade!

    You can blame me. Getting older. Eye sight is starting to go.
  12. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    Gone temporarily. (hopefully) The new version of Xenforo, which is the platform the site uses, has completely different coding, so the old chat room no longer works.
  13. Chimpie

    Forum Upgrade!

    That one may be a bit to fix/replace. The new version of Xenforo is completely different code than before, so the old room no longer works. We'll look into replacing it.
  14. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    My kid is a month old. How did THAT happen?
  15. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    Taking care of a newborn is exhausting, but worth it. :)
  16. Chimpie

    Happy New Year!

    From all of us at EMTLIFE....
  17. Chimpie

    the 100% directionless thread

    When I took on my current position I told myself I would write one. Eighteen months later, I haven't written a single word. I'm way too busy doing my job to write about it.
  18. Chimpie

    Welcome Our New Community Leader

    Greetings, It's with pure excitement that I get to introduce our new community leader, Harold! Weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 10 ounces, and 22 inches long, Harold joined our community this past Thursday. It's going to take some time to bring him up to speed, so I appreciate your patience...
  19. Chimpie

    911 bystanders bill

    I want to know what county/city/town this is from. You can PM if you'd like. I can quickly confirm or deny this. Stop. Just stop. There's no way this is logistically possible. Who would get the money? The cell service provider? The 911 center? The responding department? What about if multiple...
  20. Chimpie

    FEMA National Ambulance Contract

    AMR was deployed to my shelter in Florida in mid October. In addition to an actual AMR ambulance, a couple of older, (I think they were) private ambulances were in the parking lot as well. All had FEMA signage in their window. So I guess they were subcontractors. Note: I was part of the...