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    CCT Paramedic AF.

    Transport Medic
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    Reciprocicty in PA

    I can't find too much information but found this packet: Link. It doesn't look like they require a current NREMT, but just to have had one that met or was greater than (NREMT does) PA standards; but there isn't a time limit. Best I can do is shoot them an email and ask. Anyone know who runs...
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    Matthew Deployment

    Anyone on standby yet? I haven't heard anything, but I never even got my FEMA badges so who knows. I'm active in our interal ERT list on the portal. Looks like it's going to be a bad one.
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    San Bernardino County Fire Ambulance Operator

    I got invited to move on to take the written test for the EMT AO spot. Does anyone know what topics are on the test?
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    F'ing pothole

    Backstory: I found this on reddit. The ambulance driver hit a pot hole at the same time as a poke, then this happened. The patient found it hilarious and asked the medic to take a picture with the patients phone. The patient sent the image to the medic with permission to share. The patient...
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    What extent do you begin to require a medical director?

    Just curious, in California, at what extent of your level do you begin requiring a medical director? Obviously if you're going to be administering O2, or medications you need one. But what if your services are only for first aid BLS skills (cspine, splinting, icing, etc), CPR and AED? Since...
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    How would you feel about immediate CPR notification / audible timers on a monitor?

    I was thinking the other day how we could improve CPR even more from what we have and I began to think that in our area, we rarely do epi every time at the proper time, and many medics hold compression for a long time for intubation. What if we had a monitor that had a total code timer and a...
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    Special snowflake.

    With nearly all kids and youths being told they can do anything and that they are special, are we allowing idiots (to put it kindly) into the profession? It seems we have had an influx of them lately...
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    Mayo Clinic / Gold Cross in MN

    Has anyone worked there, how are the divisions? From what I gather they're the primary 911 for several counties. I'm looking for really any EMS agencies in south west to south central MN.
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    AMR Palm Springs hiring temps for Coachella / Stagecoach festivals
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    So in our dream ambulance thread several years back we asked for a CT scanner in the back. Well...
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    Glendale fire assaults patient after patient assaults them Not sure where to go. Fire's language is definitely inappropriate. Looks like the gurney is tipped over and the guy is still strapped to it. Something's not right here...
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    Language censors

    I've noticed the s word is censored, but the f-ing word isn't.
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    Bug with ads & attachment upload on mobile.

    On the mobile site, the banner ads don't scale properly. Doesn't seem to be a major issue as the bb items are still scaling properly. I do only see a small part of the ad though. I also just discovered that when you click browse when trying to upload an attachment, nothing happens. WinMo...
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    Ambulance crashes into disabled vehicle on I5 median after falling asleep, with video
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    New Ambu plastic headblocks

    We got these a few months ago, I like how easy they are to put on and get setup, but they're not very comfortable and seem to hyperextend the neck as they aren't padded. It's nice though that all we have to do is pull the cord on the end and it wedges the head into place...
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    AMR will continue to hold the contract in Riverside, Ca
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    Narcan can now be administered by everyone in Ca. Makes me wonder if basics will be allowed to administer it while working.
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    Full Arrest EKG

    From a full arrest we ran the night before last, slightly less than 10 mins downtime, asystole on scene, to v-fib , shocked, gave more epi, to sinus tach with a pulse. Lost pulse as we were pulling into the ER, they only worked him for ~10 more mins before calling him. He even tried to start...