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    Returning to fire/EMS after a long time off

    I've had to take a few years away from emergency response due to getting very sick. My doctors have finally told me that I can return to EMS and firefighting. However, my knowledge has gotten rusty, and I've lost all my muscle. I've also moved to a new state. Has anyone here done something...
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    Teenager with chest pain

    I've been wondering about this one, so I figured I'd post it here. I had a 19 y/o F call in with chest pain. Normal resps, no fever. Slow cap refill and low pulse ox (don't remember number) but pt said that was normal because of Raynaud's hx. Pulse 80 and strong, except for a few seconds...
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    Glass burn

    Another thread got me thinking about all the fun that can be had with glass, so I figured I'd throw this one out there. You're dispatched to the local art center for a burn, and are directed to a glassworking studio which contains both kilns and propane/oxygen torches. The room is extremely...
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    Incoming friend requests issue

    I can't accept incoming friend requests, and haven't been able to for a few days. Nothing happens when I click 'save changes.' Figured I should probably post the issue.
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    Sick coworker

    Say your partner shows up to work sick. They're coughing, sneezing, and seem a little feverish. Do you... A. Not worry, as long as they wear appropriate BSI. B. Go with BSI but keep a close eye on them. C. Ask if any coworkers owe them a shift. D. Not worry at all, and let them go...
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    Psych meds?

    In your area, are you allowed to use any medications solely for psych purposes, with or without contacting medical control? How about choosing a drug you wouldn't otherwise pick for the chief complaint that will just so happen to calm your patient down or otherwise help with psych/emotional...
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    Bizarre pupil

    I've been meaning to ask this, and one of the scenarios just reminded me. What could cause a patient to develop an oblong pupil with an irregular border? I saw this on a stroke call recently. The family didn't speak much English, but they seemed to be telling us that it wasn't normal for the...
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    O2 for motion sickness?

    The other night, a patient complained of feeling motion sick while being transported. My partner administered high-flow O2, saying it would help. The patient said it did. Meant to ask him about it, but we were slammed with calls and I haven't seen him since. So, is this a common trick? Does it...
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    Equipment replacement dilemma

    At my service, we're supposed to replace supplies from the hospital stockroom, taking no more than we used on the patient we just brought in. We can sometimes take more if we're running low from calls where we didn't transport or if another stockroom was out of something. However, that's...
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    Might be relocating

    I might be relocating in the next year or two. Of all of the places that are likely options, Lincoln, Nebraska is the one that I know least about. If I wind up there or anywhere on my list, I'll have a primary source of income outside EMS, but I'd like to at least stay active in the field. Is...
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    Better c-spine?

    I've been getting stuck holding c-spine for rather long periods, and I've noticed that my ability to keep a good hold goes down fairly rapidly after the first several minutes, especially if I have a patient that keeps trying to move. Does anyone have suggestions for exercises that would help me...
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    Where do you want to be in 5 years?

    This is more directed at the younger crowd, but hey, if your goals are more in line with being happily retired, feel free to chime in. What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years? (My response to follow when I have more time.)
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    Would this make me a total whacker?

    I'll be looking into this question in more appropriate places than an internet forum, but I thought I'd post it anyways for fun. I know how much y'all love whackerism. So, it's getting colder, and one place I work for hasn't issued us uniform jackets. They say their next order won't be...
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    Personal call diary: good idea or not?

    I work a few EMS jobs on an irregular schedule, and keep running into difficulties getting constructive feedback on my performance. It's becoming apparent that I'm not going to get it, so I'm considering starting a call diary to evaluate my own performance. I definitely wouldn't include any...
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    Burn resources?

    So, I'm looking for some good articles on burn victims, particularly concerning both short and long-term metabolic responses in adult victims. I'm finding a lot about experimental treatments, but not very much about how the process actually works. Anyone know of some good links, articles, or...
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    Being a patient with your own service

    When a coworker winds up being a patient, how does your place treat them? The other night, one of the other crews wound up running a call for one of our members who'd done something dumb. He's now on administrative duty only, and everyone's been giving him a hard time about it now that it...
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    Protective toe inserts?

    The other night, I was complaining that I have some boots which would be perfect if they had a protective toe. A guy at my station told me that there are some places that sell inserts that you can have glued in. Anyone ever done this, or even heard of it? Google is failing me.
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    Does CA require hazmat training for EMT-Bs?

    Would anyone happen to know this? And if so, how much? I'm not finding it in the state requirements, but a friend who should know is insisting it does... (As to why I'm asking, long boring story involving lots of paperwork.)
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    Should I take FF courses?

    I'm looking to volunteer with a local fire department in order to get some more experience. They offer all kinds of free training if you put in enough hours, and I certainly intend to do that. FF training is among my options. So, for those of you who've worked in joint departments, what do you...
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    Certs in multiple states

    Say I'm licensed in State A and get reciprocity with State B. State B has automatic reciprocity with State C, but not State A. Does that mean I now have reciprocity with State C? And a stupider question: If I "transfer" my cert from one state to another, do I lose it in the first? I'm an...