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  1. mo2002

    Union and EMS

    So I plan on working with a 911 provider after I finish medic school. Because of family dealings, I'm going to stay in CA or at worst relocate to NV or AZ. I've only worked for private ambulances so my question is, is it rare for 911 providers to not be unionized? I seek it because of the...
  2. mo2002

    Recertification time inquiry regarding the NREMT

    Please don't flame me for ignorantly not checking for related posts but I came across something I did not know, or something I misread. I read there are two ways to recert for national (before it lapses) 1. 24 CEs plus an additional 48 CEs, and a skills or 2. Retake the NREMT and a skills...
  3. mo2002

    Year and a half paramedic courses in CA

    I'm having a tough time finding the courses that offer this type of program. Most I find are of the 6 month variety. I remember before I finished my EMT course I was able to find em but I have no clue where I found em. Can anyone provide input on such schools that offer it, preferably socal?
  4. mo2002

    Working for 2 IFT companies in Los Angeles County

    I was told that it is illegal to work for more than 1 IFT company in the same county as it is a conflict of interest. If you wanted to leave 1 company you could persuade 1 of the patients to follow you to the next company. being that I am new to this industry I am looking for information on...
  5. mo2002

    CA Ambulance driver recert

    It's roughly 2 months before I need to recert for my drivers cert. When you recert are you retaking the test like the other certs require?
  6. mo2002

    Ambulance Driver certificate not received

    It has been roughly 40 days and I have not received my temporary ambulance cert or the official one. When I left the DMV I was told I would receive both via mail but neither have come. Do I need to contact that DMV office and see what the hold up is, or do I need to write to an EMS office or...