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  1. Rick Tresnak

    Innovative Rescue Solutions

    Innovative Rescue Solutions. ( Is looking for an Ems Sales rep in the Omaha,NE area. The position is open to any Ems person. This is a work at your own pace position. You can reach them at the following toll free number. (855) 477-4968 The close date on this position is...
  2. Rick Tresnak

    Looking at buying a pair of safety glasses

    I have not worn safety glasses on the job before (yeah like since 1987) Ok so I am reading some of the threads here and I see that it is one of the must haves in the field. I am looking at the ICE Naro Eyeshields. Has anyone tried them and if so are they worth the money?
  3. Rick Tresnak

    What Medication Coolers are being used out there?

    We have tried several and they just don't seem to be standing up to the vibrations here. I wondered if there is a better option. Currently we have one made by Thomas EMS.
  4. Rick Tresnak

    How many Services are Moving away from backboards all together?

    I was just curious as to how many services are moving away from backboards all together? Here in Iowa we are working on continued protocols whereas it greatly limits the use of backboards.
  5. Rick Tresnak

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    I am just curious I live in Iowa and here we are considered certified. This makes some distinction for RNs who are licensed to think that because we are certified we are to always be working under their authority. It makes me curious if there are other States that are considered Licensed.
  6. Rick Tresnak

    An Ems radio show

    The company I work with is looking at starting a radio station to promote what EMS Fire and Law Enforcement professionals find to be important. What types of things would be interesting to you?
  7. Rick Tresnak

    Value based reimbursement

    What is your service doing to prepare for value based reimbursement? It appears CMS is going to set an implementation date on Sept 24th. Where we either get a bonus or a reduction in our payments based on measure able outcomes based on statistical data collected and patient care surveys.
  8. Rick Tresnak

    What is your MUST HAVE piece of equipment?

    I am just curious. What is your must have piece of equipment, that once you had it you said to yourself---Man I could have used this years ago! Mine is the Stryker Stairchair with Tracks
  9. Rick Tresnak


    WaukBoard ---Has anyone used one of these in the field?
  10. Rick Tresnak

    Easy Cap

    I was just curious how many services are still using the Easy Cap as a way of determining ET Tube placement in addition to ETCo2.
  11. Rick Tresnak

    Decreased paramedic Student Class numbers

    I live in Iowa, and I have seen a significant drop in people moving up the ladder from EMT to Paramedic. We had one school that put on a class for 2 students so they wouldn't lose their credentials. I was wondering is this a nation wide problem?