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    Holiday to North America

    Hey guys Planning a trip to the U.S / Mexico / Candada in March next year- The itinerary so far is to fly to LAX, hire a Mustang, drive to Vegas for a few nights then fly to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. After that planning to head down to Cancun for a week of Spring Break festivities...
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    Scumbag EMT/Medic Meme

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    Discouraging frivalous calls

    Curious to see if any Ambulance services/companies around the world take active steps to discourage frivolous calls/ educate about what 911/000/999 is for? Here's a recent vid from a neighbouring states service Here's a poster from an older...
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    WHen life isn't really extinct....

    Anyone ever experienced something like this? I'm not sure of what the situation was but jeez I wouldnt want to be the crew involved. AMBULANCE Victoria is undertaking a review...
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    Life as a Paramedic in Detroit

    Lm_m4CR4dN4 :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink:
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    Analgesia during CVA/Stroke

    How do you guys manage pain in acute CVA stroke pt's? Recently had a 50 y.o F pt with severe 9/10 headache to R) temporal region, complete L) side hemiplegia, slurred speech, BP220/120, GCS14 with emesis and incontinence during bed transfer at hospital. I ended up giving 2.5mg IV morphine...
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    Driving code / L&S

    What are the issues and challenges you guys see on a daily basis? An interesting article appeared in our local paper about people being unaware of what to do when an emergency vehicle running lights and sirens is near them. Its worth a read, especially the comments at the bottom with members of...
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    Difficulty in getting IV access? try forehead IO

    MQIBiJsk4Xo :P:P:sad:
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    Paramedic sued for stealing patient's foot (Taken from the above site) .....A man who lost his foot and part of his leg in a 2008 crash on I-95 in St. Lucie County is suing a paramedic who swiped the foot from the crash scene. Cynthia...
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    Arsonist burns down ambulance station, 3 Ambulances

    This was a suburb in my city last night. I have a few friends who work/worked at the station. The fire station is next door. Apparently one ambulance was stolen and set on fire in another suburb to draw the Firefighters away. The arsonist(s) then set fire to the station. The night crew were out...
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    U.S Online medical gear sites?

    Hey guys, as the Aussie dollar is now almost at parity with the U.S dollar I thought id ask if any of our American friends know/use any good onlie (reliable) websites to buy gear from that also ship internationally. I need to get myself another stethoscope as I left mine at a nursing home...
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    Wtf was happening with this pt?

    Went to a call early this morning of a 40 y.o M who had fainted/collapsed after going to the toilet around 3am. When we arrived he was upstairs laying on his side in bed. He was a little clammy and pale and said he had to lie down because he felt like fainting. Gentleman had no significant...
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    Most common calls/jobs in your City/Area

    I know many of us go to the same kinds of calls, but i'm curious to see how much it varies between countries, cities and regional areas. I work in the 3rd largest City of Australia with a population of a few million spread of a large area. By far our most common calls are: Chest Pain...
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    Glucagon vs IV Dextrose

    Hi, Just a quick question regarding glucagon and IV dextrose. My service uses glutose gel, IM glucagon and IV glucose 10% to treat hypoglycaemia. I am learning glucagon for my next assessment. My question is this: What cases pt/condition would you use IV glucose over glucagon...