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  1. Rick Tresnak

    first call of the day is...

    Deer through the windshield, entrapment, with multiple injuries in 11 degree weather. I HATE WINTER!
  2. Rick Tresnak


    Wow, That is a first for me. DHS using a forum to reach people. Good idea.
  3. Rick Tresnak

    What got me....

    It is the realization that we are human. We try our best to do good. We loose some. We save some.
  4. Rick Tresnak

    Can't decide on my first job in EMS ...

    Around here the pay for those positions are comparable
  5. Rick Tresnak

    Innovative Rescue Solutions

    Innovative Rescue Solutions. ( Is looking for an Ems Sales rep in the Omaha,NE area. The position is open to any Ems person. This is a work at your own pace position. You can reach them at the following toll free number. (855) 477-4968 The close date on this position is...
  6. Rick Tresnak

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    This happened awhile ago... Dispatched for a 10-50 PI Semi vs. Guard Rail. U- A34 arriving scene..."OH HELL Dispatch We need all available ALS units in the county on this. D- A34, Please advise U- Dispatch there are bodies everywhere dispatch additional Units D- A34, 10-4 (They Dispatch all...
  7. Rick Tresnak

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    D-Please respond to a man down, unknown problem at 1123 cave street. U- Can you repeat that street again? D- 1123 cave street U- Dispatch do mean C. Avenue? D-10-4 C. Avenue Man there could have been Dave street, Gave street, Have street, Wave street...etc
  8. Rick Tresnak

    Driving record: accident history

    A Lot depends on the insurance carrier. I have seen people get cut for 3 speeding tickets. I have also seen people on the service driving with three DUIs. I think it depends on the service and how liberal the insurance underwriter is.
  9. Rick Tresnak

    Looking at buying a pair of safety glasses

    I have not worn safety glasses on the job before (yeah like since 1987) Ok so I am reading some of the threads here and I see that it is one of the must haves in the field. I am looking at the ICE Naro Eyeshields. Has anyone tried them and if so are they worth the money?
  10. Rick Tresnak

    What Medication Coolers are being used out there?

    We have tried several and they just don't seem to be standing up to the vibrations here. I wondered if there is a better option. Currently we have one made by Thomas EMS.
  11. Rick Tresnak

    How many Services are Moving away from backboards all together?

    I was just curious as to how many services are moving away from backboards all together? Here in Iowa we are working on continued protocols whereas it greatly limits the use of backboards.
  12. Rick Tresnak

    How many EMS agencies US wide?

    I think part of the answer is that there were a lot of volunteer services that can't keep personnel, and/or keep up with the con ed. I know we are going regional based ems up here and that has impacted the numbers of services significantly.
  13. Rick Tresnak

    How many EMS agencies US wide?

    Looking back in my notes the 110,000. Were the number of vehicles in 1994.
  14. Rick Tresnak

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    I have been very active in these rolls. All but met with the state EMS boards. (I am not sure who that would be in my state) I really wish the profession had a more unified approach. I am a member of several associations. But we certainly lack a unified approach.
  15. Rick Tresnak

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    Many places use the certification card as a way to create hierarchy. What I mean by this is that I go to one facility and work in the ER. I can do everything the RN does and actually more. The next one says that is only a nursing responsibility. I can't give acls drugs, Tylenol etc. Because...
  16. Rick Tresnak

    Camp Hematoma

    What on earth is camp hematoma?
  17. Rick Tresnak

    When it gets to you

    It builds compassion.
  18. Rick Tresnak

    first call of the day is...

    COPD patient with a coughing Fit and Brochiospams. Who after calming down...Refuses transport
  19. Rick Tresnak

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    I am just curious I live in Iowa and here we are considered certified. This makes some distinction for RNs who are licensed to think that because we are certified we are to always be working under their authority. It makes me curious if there are other States that are considered Licensed.