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  1. Traumaholic

    would like to see more chat.

    Its shame when nothing is really personal anymore and phones and the social networks control lives.
  2. Traumaholic

    LA County EMT arrested after being accused by LAPD Sergeant of assaulting patient

    Well does PD know what we have to do sometimes in extreme conditions? Granted LA county is a different place from where I am but I have never been question or criticized for securing a patient if they pose a threat to themselves. IE: SI or H.I
  3. Traumaholic

    would like to see more chat.

    Hi all.I like going to this site but It would better if more people were on. Thanks Good night.
  4. Traumaholic

    Our station was broken into.

    Hello. So I have worked some private services with most of my time being in small town EMS. I must say I have seen some neglect to the the city stations I was in. Now as the LT EMS coordinator for a small town Fire dept. There is no way that would be tolerated in my station My Chief is great...
  5. Traumaholic

    Funny Things We Say To Make Our Patients Feel Better

    Hi I will be in the back with you to the ER I need the experience. Dont worry I couldnt possibly drop two pt's in a row the same day.