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    Situational awareness on a winter interstate accident

    Pucker factor up to 11, multiple times. Those officers did an amazing job of keeping their heads on a swivel and reacting in a lifesaving manner.
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    Best SAR AED?

    Light, durable, cold resistant, and has a 1+ lead EKG? Heartstart FRx is 3.5lbs but no EKG display.
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    Kenya: Uber-style app-managed SSM/CAD speeds ambulance response to terrorist MCI "Speedy medical help is taken for granted in the West, but many developing nations do not have centralized emergency command. Confusion during past attacks in Kenya cost...
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    Needle vs Finger Thoracostomy in the Wilderness

    Thoracostomy for tension ptx... the evidence and debate is out there: Needles not penetrating, needle complications, needle collapse/occlusion vs simple complications...
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    Cities with Uber have lower ambulance usage
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    Party like it's 1999!

    Let's time-warp back to hypothetical 1999... "MAST4 Respond to 67 yom c/o chest pain." A lady in a bathrobe leads you to the bedroom where you find a naked old dude pale, cool, and diaphoretic. CC: during intercourse (first time in decades) 10/10 crushing substernal chest pain radiating to...
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    Video RN screaming, dragged into police car d/t refused blood draw on unconscious patient!

    July 31 2017, guy fleeing police crosses median and slams into truck and dies. The truck catches fire severely burning the innocent driver, Mr. Gray, who was taken to SLC University. Police later showed up demanding to the UNCONSCIOUS innocent patient's blood. RN Alex shows them the policy...
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    NIBP vs Manual BP

    Background: NIBP use is nearly ubiquitous in healthcare. EMS is one of the few areas of healthcare where some providers are forbidden to use NIBP. There is almost no research on the topic in the prehospital environment (virtually impossible to get good data), but plenty of validation of modern...
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    Metropolol during AMI reduces infarct size And they showed that the mechanism was reducing inflammatory effects: "stunning" neutrophils so they did less damage on re-perfusion. (metop dose they used was 15mg IVP within 6 hours of AMI)
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    Study on Survival vs Intubation during IHCR

    Key Points Question: Is tracheal intubation during adult in-hospital cardiac arrest associated with survival? Findings: In a study of 86 628 adults with in-hospital cardiac arrest using a propensity-matched cohort, tracheal intubation within the first 15 minutes was associated with a...
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    NREMT slashes required CE hours!

    National Continued Competency Model replaces the current method in 2019 EMT: 45% decrease in CEs 40 hours instead of 72 hours every two years... Instead of 24 hours of specified content by NREMT and 48 hours of elective, there will be 20 hours of...
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    ROSC without defibrillation? ROSC with respiratory arrest?

    I'm trying unsuccessfuly to find some numbers on ROSC without defibrillation, preferably a dataset selected for primarily respiratory etiology and better yet out of hospital. I haven't been successful in finding this type of research. Anyone know of any? Pretty much everything is for primary...
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    Fueling the Fire - HEMS Crashes Investigative Piece

    Really well done investigative piece on fuel bladders popping, crash and burn HEMS crashes Warning, it is a heavy watch, especially if you know someone who has been in a HEMS crash.
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    WFR Course Guidelines and Scope - Jan 2016 (MAJOR PROVIDERS)

    I know I mentioned that the major wilderness med ed orgs got together to streamline the WFR curriculum over the last five years through a WMS working group. I thought I'd provide a link to the results of that work. Associated course providers: "Aerie, Desert Mountain Medicine, NOLS Wilderness...
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    STUDY: BLS better than ALS for trauma, stroke, respiratory distress

    Outcomes of Basic Versus Advanced Life Support for Out-of-Hospital Medical Emergencies Prachi Sanghavi, PhD; Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD; Joseph P. Newhouse, PhD; and Alan M. Zaslavsky, PhD Annals of Internal Medicine - October 13th 2015 BLS had...
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    Select text quote and multiqoute

    This is the best interface of any forum I post on, and I post on several with many different interfaces. Good work!
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    WMA WFR qualify for NREMT EMR?

    Does taking a WFR class let someone sit for the NREMT EMR exam? I know it used to be that WFR classes would let people sit for the NREMT FR exam, but new requirements and all that?
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    Progressive EMS Reform Bills in Congress! - EMS ADVOCACY

    There is a matching Senate bill with bipartisan support. There is a long list of supporters for this including FACEP ACS AAOS NAEMT, several EMS associations, and more. The way I understand it, it would move primary responsibility for EMS management to Health and Human Services establishing...
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    EMS progression will never be driven from outside EMS We talk about progression. We talk about increasing the education minimums. We talk about CP. Some dreamers talk about paramedic practicioners. You all know I support BS or 3 year degree entry Paramedics and 2 year AEMT as the lowest...
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    Colorado EMSAC Conference 2013

    Anyone going to the state conference? It is in Keystone.