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  1. Phridae

    Things are turning around again...

    So, I know I've been a bit absent lately. I was haing issues with the squad I was on and my licesnse expired. But, things are better now. I moved to my first apartment with the boyfriend. We moved to Clinton Wi, a little town of about 2000. I can see the fire/rescue building from the bedroom...
  2. Phridae

    Still here, kinda.

    Just thought I'd check in. Been kinda busy lately with work, (starbucks) Letting my licenses expire. :ph34r: I need to fix that. Question to anyone whos nationally registered, if that expires, what do I do? Anyways. Thats it for now. I'll try and be more active again.:rolleyes:
  3. Phridae

    Scariest moment?

    I just had mine. Talking to a friend...(more like ex boyfriend) on the phone while they crash their car. He's alright, cars a mess. I, on the otherhand, have had a minor heart attack.:wacko: I tried to make a joke, because he said his car is his life, I said "not anymore..." He didnt find...
  4. Phridae

    I need a little help...

    Alright. I'm in a bad situation and havent run any calls since Dec. 24 of last year. I'm not allowed to run any either. (Things going on with my CPR card and questions of whether I have I have a valad emt license or not....:unsure: ) Everyone on my squad is quite busy and it seems they have no...
  5. Phridae

    Look at that...

    This is my 500th post. :D And I learned how to use the smilies again.
  6. Phridae

    Just a thought...

    I noticed we have exactly 600 members, but only 150 are active. I hate when people join something just for the heck of it, and never do anything. Can't there be a grace period where if you don't become active, you're membership is gone? I also noticed lots of people introduce themselves...
  7. Phridae

    Guess What???!!!

    It's my Birthday, thats what! I'm 20. Oh man, getting old! Aaaand. I got a job today, at Starbucks. =D I'm going to smell like coffee all the time.
  8. Phridae

    Just thought I'd check in.

    I'm still kicking. Did I miss anything important? Anyone die, anyone have a child? Anyone change names? Anything like that? I didnt have a working computer until recent. Boy, did I miss all you guy and gals. Not sure I'm really into this new host, layout or whatever. Suppose I just...
  9. Phridae

    Do you know...

    The muffin man? Do you know where I can find some nice, good quality ems pants? I have a pair I bought from allmed a while ago, but they no longer fit and we cant alter them. ( I lost weight, I didnt gain any :P ) I'd like to be able to get some with the reflective stuff on them, but I'm on a...
  10. Phridae

    Pick your dialect

    Nothing like reading EMTlife like a redneck :lol:
  11. Phridae

    Gas prices

    So...whats the average gas price where you are? Its astronomical here. $3.25 for low grade unleaded. :o I did find a gas station today that only had premium unleaded, but for $2.89, so I filled up. Are you driving an less than you were, say, a year ago? I am. I bike everywhere I can. This...
  12. Phridae

    This is for you, Jon.

    :lol: That icon is just for you.
  13. Phridae

    First on scene

    I've never had the oppertunity to be the first person on scene of a 10-50...until tonight. I was on my way to a nieghbouring city to attend a job fair. I get a T-intersection and I look to my right to see about traffic. Then I look to the left. Oh. Look at that. Car all smashed up, semi truck...
  14. Phridae

    Skills Review

    I was just wondering how often on your squad or where you work do you have skills review? What do you do for review? February, June, and October is when we do ours here. Except we didnt get to it in June because we were so busy so its this month and then October. We usually go through some...
  15. Phridae

    I noticed..

    The googlebot is also concerned where to get blood for glucose checks... This is what 3:30am does to you. EDIT: I notice the pic is kinda hard to read. Not that I know what to do about that or anything...
  16. Phridae

    emtchicky156 (Alissa)

    Call me if you get drunk! :lol: :lol:
  17. Phridae


    CLICK I bought one.
  18. Phridae


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :P Hope you have a wonderful day. ;) :D :) :lol: :D
  19. Phridae

    Tire Fire

    1. Me :) 2. Obviously the tire fire :ph34r: 3. Milwaukee 4.Chicago 4. Rockford 6. Madison 7. Greenbay Yeah. Theres not real reason to point out much but I wanted to, so I did. :P Therse a small blue mass by me, and thats Lake Delavan. Further south theres a larger blue mass, thats Lake...
  20. Phridae

    Worst MVC I've been on. It was so cool. I was there!