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    Elijah McClain - medics charged

    So I read an article that the medics were charged in relation to this man's death. The news story I read is that the cops wrestled him to the ground, medics arrived and administered 500mg of ketamine (which the article states is in their protocol for chemical restraint). McClain subsequently...
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    Current grant funding for mechanical CPR?

    Our local BWC safety grants cover mechanical CPR devices (among other things), however they've been shut down with no known return date. We're currently due to replace our mechanical CPR devices because they've reached end of life and I'm hoping to pull off some grant funding to do it. Is...
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    Pelvic sling training?

    Does anyone have a decent/quick SAM pelvic sling training already created? I'm lacking creativity at the moment and want to put these on the trucks. Thanks
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

    Our local community college opened up their LPN to RN program to paramedics and I found out today I was accepted! I have so much of the coursework done, it'll be 5 semesters, 3 of which will have 2 classes (pharm 1, pharm 2, and human lifespan) and the rest are nursing core classes.. Wow, if...
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    2020 Gathering of the Eagles, big changes..

    For those who haven't seen, the 2020 Gathering of the Eagles has changed in both location and setup.. There will still be the 2 day "rapid fire" presentations from the docs about emerging trends, it will be on Thursday and Friday this year (instead of Fri-Sat) There will also be a 3 day...
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    Baxter Sigma Spectrum users - question..

    Did you remove the little plate that won't allow you to unplug it? Baxter says they'd prefer I keep it on, but I don't feel like we should have to take that plug in with us when we're transferring to the hospital.. What did you do?
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    Indianapolis EMS Hiring

    Does anyone here work there? I’m genuinely curious about pay, morale, retirement, work conditions, etc..
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    100cc saline bags?

    Does any supplier in the country have 100cc bags available yet? I have no issues ordering 500s and 1000s, just can't get 100s..
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    Is ANYONE able to order medications right now?

    My supplier has been backordered on several meds (including calcium chloride and now epi 1:10,000) for awhile now. Are there any suppliers that have this stuff in stock?
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    Online/distance Medic to RN?

    Are there any remaining online or distance medic to RN programs anymore? I know excelsior used to do it, but the last time I looked I couldn't really find any information on their website on that program anymore. ETA - I do have a bachelors degree already..
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    What does QA/QI look like at your department/service?

    I'm curious what QA/QI looks like at your department/service. If you guys wouldn't mind sharing, I think this is something that could help the community. Briefly describe your department's/service's EMS delivery model (FD, Third Service, Private, etc): What is your approximate run volume...
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    EMS-Friendly BiPAP?

    Is anyone out there aware of any EMS oriented BiPAP machines on the market? The only units I have seen outside of the hospital are all-in-one vent/cpap/bipap machines that were too complicated for most users. Certainly there must be something out there? Thanks in advance!
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    Suggestions to replace vacuum splints?

    I'm sure I'm not the only department where vacuum splints seem to develop legs/wings and fly away once they hit the doors to the ER. They are expensive to replace, even the "disposable" versions, and I'm looking for ideas for something different to replace vacuum splints entirely. Thanks ahead...
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    Narcan doses with this last round of heroin/fent

    What dosage range are you guys/gals seeing for this latest round of heroin that's been cut with fentanyl? Speaking for my immediate area, several incidents have been reported as requiring 6mg or more before any increase in respiratory effort can be appreciated. I'm just curious what you are...
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    FYI King County Medic 1 is hiring 3 paramedics

    Website states they require 3 years of rural or urban EMS experience. Their application period is open through 3/31/16.. Good luck all!
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    Lets talk QA/QI

    I'd like to hear from anyone experienced with a functional QI program, specifically if you were around when it first started up. What tips have you found to be the best way to approach QI in an environment that has NEVER received feedback on EMS runs?
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    Who's still routinely c-spining?

    Just curious.. Who out there is still routinely c-spining their patients? If so, do you do it because protocol dictates it or because you feel it is necessary and/or appropriate? As for our department (and region) we are going on about a year now of only back boarding and c-collaring...
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    Higher dose fent as a premedication for RSI?

    Recently, our CCT protocol took away our 3mcg/kg premedication for RSI, going straight to etomidate or ketamine and then succs or roc. I had bought into the idea of some sympathetic blocking, pain and anxiety reduction (pre and post), and just general "extra sedation" granted by the pre-dose of...
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    What are you're "go to" primary and secondary airway methods?

    Just curious what it's like in other parts of the country/world. When I speak of primary and secondary airway methods, I'm referring to what tools you grab first and then where do you go if your first method fails? For me, my primary as of last year has been an intubrite MAC 3 with a bougie...