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    I am having a complete brain fart. I know for V-tach, it's 150mg over 10 min, but I remember something about 300mg followed with 150mg and I can't remember what it's for. My brain hurts.
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    Is money this tight?

    :blush: Why? Really, we have to put this back on the road? Really? I didn't even know we still had any of these. No idea where they were storing it. This is embarrassing. It's a 1979 according to the registration. I took these photos TODAY, not 20 years ago. I love my job, but this...
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    Paramedic School Mega-Codes

    When will I get to work on the 17yo Male that OD's on grandma's tricyclic antidepressants, in the garage where he get's organophosphate poisoning and downs a bottle of benzodiazepines after getting bitten by a poisonous snake, then falls from a ladder and gets bilateral femur fractures? If...
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    Farooq Muhammed

    Click here for the artical
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    Pre Employment Testing

    Does anyone have any experience with Midwest Ambulance in Des Moines, IA? I have a pre employment test with them Monday at 09:00. I'm just kinda wondering what thier testing is like.
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    Do I need to do another set of practicals?

    OK, THis is the message I got from NREMT: Examination Scored Congratulations on successfully completing the cognitive portion of your EMS certification. To obtain national registration, it is also necessary to successfully complete a psychomotor (practical) examination. My question...
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    Odd question

    We are getting ready to take our state practicals. The study guide shows this for scene size up: BSI Scene safe Number of patients Need for additional help (police, fire, Power, Gas, Etc) Determine nature of illness Introduce yourself Consider spinal stabilization My question is...
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    Little help please

    i know as a B I need to be especially good with airway, assesment, and packaging. The problem I face is learning rates. IE: respiratory rates, BP, and pulse. Plus things like, Generic names Vs. trade names for MDI's. Etc. I have made a spreadsheet with the things (I feel the need to...
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    We had our first exam today

    I scored 48/50. One of the questions bugs me. Q:You have been told that you must get your annual purified protein derivative (PPD) test for tuberculosis (TB). As a knowledgeable EMT, you recognize that the PPD will: My A : Reveal if you have active tuberculosis Correct A...
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    Tidal Volume

    OK, we were given the formula: breaths per min * Volume (500ml) - Dead Air Space (150ml) = Tidal Volume. I understand the equation given normal quality breaths. My assumptions are that the 500ml and 150ml are normal adult volumes. So to extrapolate, with an adult only taking roughly half...
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    Tomorrow is the first day of EMT-B class. Wish me luck. :ph34r:
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    Work Study

    I will have my EMT-B at the end of this term (May), and I was wanting to find a workstudy programm I can do while in school for my AS in EMS. I would like something that will help keep my EMT-B skills sharp while I am still in school. Any Ideas? Do Hospitals or ambulance services do this type...
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    I pulled the trigger

    Well, I did it. I am registered to start classes at Des Moines Area Community college Jan 12th. I will take EMT-B this term and EMT-I over the summer term. Then, in the fall, I will transfer to Mercy College and spend a year there working on an associates in Emergency Medical Services...
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    I think I am reading something wrong

    Could I get a few of you to look at the links below, and tell me what you think? This is the school I am planning on attending, but it looks like the EMT-B and Paramedic courses are the same, with one real odd difference. The EMT-B course has two additional classes. EMT-B...
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    My introduction

    I am a combat vet that lives in Central Iowa (Des Moines). I was not a medic in the Army, I was a combat engineer (I made things go boom). I was medically discharged for something that will not effect my ability to be an EMT. I am currently going thru the VA to start school for EMT-B. I am...