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    New EMS Tribute Video

    Hello All, I know you have all seen some kind of EMS tribute video with a whole bunch of cool pics of EMS and stuff and some music playing in the background. I have some experience in working for a full service video production company, so you could say I've done a little bit of editing on...
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    Question About Levels/How Test Works

    How does the NREMT-B test work? I hear it is based on different levels of questions and it stops you at a certain point but I've never really gotten an overview of how the test works. Does anybody have an overview or can you tell me where I can find one? I take my test Nov. 22nd. Thanks!
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    Trach Problems

    This is probably a question I should know the answer to but it has slipped my mind. What would be BLS care for a patient experiencing a problem with home equipment such as a respirator or other piece of equipment that can't be moved into the ambulance and is causing a serious issue (e.g. airway...