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    So, today at work I was having a discussion on ways to improve our current training program. Currently, informal trainings are conducted intermittently by one of the two paramedics that are certified instructors. We are looking into conducting a training session every shift, probably spanning 30...
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    EMS service asking overdose patients for preferred funeral home

    What are your thoughts? Great idea or horribly unprofessional?
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    It seems at this forum we get a new...peculiar individual... every month or so. They all start off sounding somewhat normal, but the more they talk, the weirder they get. Due to these users, I feel as though many otherwise intelligent discussions have been set off course by these trolls...
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    CERT and other volunteer groups on scene at major incidents...?

    I was recently having a conversation with another individual on this forum on the topic of the usefulness of civilian disaster preparedness groups, like cert, at an incident. Through personal experience, I have noted that in my area most cert members, although they have "training" are extremely...
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    BLS and ACLS guidelines... what would you change?

    As many of you know, the BLS guidelines will be updated in October. Hopefully it will bring a positive change to out of hospital cardiac arrest survival. But I figured it would be interesting to see what you guys would do if given the opportunity to modify the guidelines. So... lets say you...
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    Off duty first aid- did i make the right call?

    Ok, so yesterday night at around 11:30, a group of teenage skateboarders were skating in the street outside my house. I heard the sound of a skateboard hitting the pavement followed by a loud scream. I went outside to check it out. A 16 y/o male skater hit the curb and had a really nasty...
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    Ambulance struck by Gunfire
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    Protocols You Hate

    What are some local protocols you hate, but still have to follow? What would you do to change them?
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    The flashlight thread

    Hello all, I've decided to make a thread about the thrilling topic of handheld illumination devices. I'm interested to see what you folks carry on duty, as I'm currently looking into different flashlight options for work. As of now, my current light is the Streamlight Stylus Pro, which fits...
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    Replacing my shears with the benchmade rescue cutter?

    So, I came across this product a while back that I'm considering buying. It can cut through pretty much anything like a hot knife through butter very quickly. Its much smaller and lighter than trauma shears, easier to clean, and is probably autoclavable. Do you think I should get it to go along...
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    How do you deal with bystanders with cameras?

    We all know them- the annoying group of bystanders who shove their iphones and cameras in your pt's face and get in your way on scene. They seem to take so much pleasure in watching their fellow man suffer that they must record it and share it with their friends. How do you protect your patients...
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    Not stopping compressions to ventilate..?

    Hello all, I have another cpr related question, this time pertaining to ventilations with a BVM. I was thinking, and I figured it would be more effective just to squeeze the bag every 5-6 seconds, (like with an endotracheal tube) thus drastically increasing compression output. Why is it that we...
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    CPR endurance exercises?

    Good afternoon all, I am trying to increase how long I can perform chest compressions without getting tired. (thus compromising depth and overall quality) I'm a somewhat small guy, 5' 10", 150 lbs, and sometimes have difficulty maintaining quality compressions. What upper body exercises would...
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    Another "look at my crap" thread

    Hello all, This is the trauma kit I keep in my range bag when I go shooting. It is intended to stop severe bleeding, nothing more nothing less. Keep in mind, the gun range I go to is located about 20 minutes away from a hospital and is in a town that has a 10 minute average EMS response time...
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    EDC Trauma Kit

    Hey all, I was wondering if it would be worth the investment to carry a trauma kit like the "EDC Trauma Kit" from ITS Tactical. Its appears to be about the size of a wallet and could be carried in a back pocket. I assumed that as I enjoy hunting/ camping/ shooting etc. I will eventually see...