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  1. Combatdoc

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    Although that be changing with some of the new POC lab units like iStat (Not an endorsement or fan)
  2. Combatdoc

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    My first thought when I read this is, there is no such thing as AI, just machine learning. I have a masters in IT (Dont ask, job just sucks) and deep learning is just use of a wider group of sampling for the algorithm. For a machine to interpret a rhythm is like asking who John Smith is... too...
  3. Combatdoc

    Should i have given versed?

    I agree Versed wouldn't have been detrimental, the one thing that would have concerned me was the crackles (Rales for us old timers). That, to me, would indicate cardiac trauma, even with the consistent rate and BP. I probably would have sedated and intubated following MAI protocols. Covers the...
  4. Combatdoc

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Riding with a fairly senior EMT, I responded with an ALS intercept truck (all volunteer BLS Rigs) to a nursing home in rural New York. While I was receiving report from the RN at the scene, I hear my partner yell at the top of her lungs "Oh my God, she's "crowning"! Well, the RN looked at me and...