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  1. NUEMT

    What would you change about your protocols?

    Anything. Everything. You and your medical director are eating pizza and he/she asks you honestly and you answer like you actually care. What would you say? Trends, wishlist, out of box ideas welcome. Post references if you got em.
  2. NUEMT

    Do you carry your own liability insurance??? Well, you should.

    Do you know the difference between criminal, civil and administrative liability? Critmedic did a great podcast covering this issue and I think it is something medics and EMTs need to be aware of. Medicine can be litigious and there are not always the guarantees you think there might be in...
  3. NUEMT

    The ILLINOIS thread!

    Fellow Illini, Hello. Welcome and cheers. Say hi! Post your region and a link to your protocols. Let's see how different we are. Post anything related to training opportunities, classes, exercises, labs and the like. Also a special shout out to the rural EMS folks that live so far south...
  4. NUEMT

    Post your favorite piece of EMS dogma.....

    What are the things still being taught/practiced today in EMS that make you cringe?
  5. NUEMT

    Great Video of Surgical Cric EMcrit

    From Scott Weingart over at the EMcrit podcast. Great stuff thanks to the effort of FOAM ed. (Free Open Access to Medical education)
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    Chicago Fire Department removes bunker gear from city Paramedics This follows the removal of SCBA gear from city ambulances 2 years ago For those of you not familiar with the structure of the CFD and the EMS operations within, CFD has single role medics who...
  7. NUEMT

    EMCRIT moves to Reddit Start your engines. Try to learn something. Some of the stuff is high level... but I have found no shortage of useful information generally not presented to EMS. Lots of references to the latest literature. Check the notes.
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    Oregon Requires an AAS to be a medic. Any other states going this way? From the state governing agency. What do you think will happen to EMS if states make this more of a common practice? Is your state currently doing...
  9. NUEMT

    Paramedic cadaver labs

    Just had a chance to talk to some folks in Grand Blanc Michigan. Excellent day of invasive procedures. Are there any such oppertunities in your area open to EMS? If so, list them!;)
  10. NUEMT

    Kiwi grip bougie ET insertion?

    Anyone else doing this for the treacheally challenged?
  11. NUEMT

    Should EMS be controlled so much by nurses?

    Disclaimer....I Love nurses. But, in a profession arguably taught in the medical model under protocols and procedures taught by and overseen by physicians, why so many nurse managers. Here in Chicago you can expect your local EmS coordinator to be a nurse, paramedic educators, nurses, ecrns...
  12. NUEMT

    Places to volunteer for a special event!

    Concerts? Festivals? Marathons? List them!! I am crazy enough to travel for cool experiences. (CONUS)
  13. NUEMT

    Any medics from NY Presbyterian??

    Looks like a high speed system. Any insights to your system would be great. Pay, protocols, how the docs and nurses are, and how you like it overall.
  14. NUEMT

    Re-thinking EMS education.

    What would you like to see changed in how medics and EMT's are trained? What innovative techniques does your program use that you like and/or have developed? What percentage of your lectures use 300 plus slides of powerpoint? (Ya.......)
  15. NUEMT

    DO you video? Emergence of video assisted laryngoscopy in the field. Lots of agencies adding this to the toolbox. I myself have used it a few times and like the concept but I think it is important to realize that it is a new piece of equipment with its own unique sets of...
  16. NUEMT

    Is there a doctor (or other medical provider) on the plane?

    Great talk at SMACC given by Joe Lex M.D Have any of you ever considered your game plan if ever called into action on a flight? Anyone ever responded? Interesting stat that Dr. Lex gives out is that a Dr. is on 85% of flights statistically but only responds 48% of the time...
  17. NUEMT

    DC EMS adding AMR to the Mix

    Just saw this posted. Looks like a good opportunity for those in the DC area who want some 911 time. But it also reflects pretty poorly on the DC Fire/EMS system. EMTs Needed for DC 911 EMS Operations DC EMS Shifts pay $20.41 per hour National Registry Certification required...
  18. NUEMT

    Christ Paramedic Program 2015 Oak Lawn IL.....Post here if you got in..or not either is fine

    Looking for my future classmates for Fall 2015. Letters have gone out. Lots of pre-work to do so just wanted to open this up in case anyone was having trouble processing.