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  1. Maya

    Nurses eat their young.

    I'm in my second semester of medic school, just started clinicals. I just got off my second shift in the ER. Are all nurses really just total and absolute b*****s? They're barely giving me any chance at all to get patient contact. I'm a nice person, easy to get along with, although maybe a...
  2. Maya

    San Mateo County -- Acid Bomb Attacks

    Just a head's-up for people in San Mateo County. Looks like they are centered mainly in Redwood City. I know it's a slim chance you'll go on a call for this, but, who knows. Who does this anyway? <_< Hopefully, it doesn't become a trend...
  3. Maya

    Bay Area, CA -- Education and Training Advice

    Hi, everybody! I'm pretty new to EMTLife. I need some advice about continuing my education in EMS; in particular, in the Bay Area. All of the programs I want to get into seem to have really long waiting lists. This is where I'm at now and it's probably way more than you'll ever want to...
  4. Maya

    Scene-Safety/ Laws protecting EMS professionals

    I'm pretty new to EMS, just got my EMT-B License and looking for jobs. I hear a lot about the dangers that EMTs and paramedics face on calls, and what worries me the most is scene-safety, as you never really know what you're going to find on-scene. You may be told one thing by dispatch and...
  5. Maya

    Phlebotomy/ EKG Certs or Paramedic School?

    Hi, I'm a recent EMT grad in the Bay Area. Getting frustrated looking for jobs, as the only places hiring are really terrible private ambulance companies (one of the hiring managers actually told me I was waaaay older than anyone else who worked there and that I could be the mom of the company...