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  1. MMohler

    Paramedic program recommendations

    Hello all, I am starting to look into taking the next step in EMS and want to start to compile a list of paramedic programs in southern & northern California (specifically orange, riverside, LA or San Bern counties for socal and around the Sacramento area for northern California). If it helps: I...
  2. MMohler

    What age is appropriate to introduce firearms to your children?

    I saw a video the other day and I am sure some have you have seen it as well. There is a 7 year old girl with her father and younger brother hunting deer. It is about a 2 minute video and at the end of it the daughter tags her first deer. Given the gun was mounted and she did not have to do much...
  3. MMohler

    What to expect, first day on the job

    Starting to apply for an emt job and I am looking for any advice. Obviously there will be things that I will only be able to pick up from hands on experience but small pointers or anything at all would be great! Thanks!