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  1. RedBlanketRunner

    Rescue, with goat

    For the city folks, this is going to be far into fantasy land. For those who spent a few years on farms it's been there, done that. One way to while away my retirement years. Couple of KM down the road from our house, I glanced up a dirt road. Man sitting on the ground. Didn't look right. I...
  2. RedBlanketRunner

    Community effort - a win all around

    Rural area, midwest. A couple rented a house temporarily and moved in with an elderly relative. They wanted to get away from Covid and the city where BLM demonstrations were ongoing and headline news was the usual gossip. Then the couple got called back in to work. They called their relative...
  3. RedBlanketRunner

    Suggestions sought - for handicapped

    An adults assisted living facility. The residents are classified as discarded. No money, no family assistance. The government assistance, about $20 per person per month goes straight to paying staff and upkeep. The place is neat and clean, occupants well cared for, but bare bones. Only around 4...
  4. RedBlanketRunner

    PPE Masks - make your own

    Outside, durable cotton fabric. Middle layer, pieces cut from a cloth 98% vacuum filter, Inside, porous very comfortable hypoallergenic synthetic material with a sponge like quality that can absorb a little moisture. All can be found on line or a well stocked fabric store. The elastic ear pieces...
  5. RedBlanketRunner

    Post C-19 and dengue - odd symptoms

    C-19, recovered 5 months back. Dengue, 2 months back. Normal vitals 112/68, P 60, Res 40-60. Starting 2-3 weeks ago, at any time during any activity or in repose, tachycardia with pulse >100 during which frequent PVCs noted. Lasts for a few minutes up to several hours. BP occasionally goes up to...
  6. RedBlanketRunner

    Hyperthermia but isn't - possible virus - thoughts?

    I've noticed this condition probably more than 30 times. Since it happened to me a week ago I've gone looking for clues. Hot day ~100 F. Feeling fine then within five minutes, light headed, anxiety, slight nausea then malaise. General intestinal discomfort. Drank about 20 oz cold water and...
  7. RedBlanketRunner

    Caution Advised: Counterfeit Masks

    S.E. Asia is now up to it's eyeballs in ordinary face masks. Cottage industries on out to major manufacturers are cashing in on the virus. Some of these masks are obviously home made with questionable materials, others, in typical pirating style are using reputable manufacturer logos, designs...
  8. RedBlanketRunner

    Naw! That didn't happen!

    The tail of a small airplane was spotted on the beach beyond the end of the runway. The tide had come and gone and the plane was over half buried in the sand. An assortment of response crews were called in and eventually a backhoe. We managed to get the plane dug out as the tide was coming back...
  9. RedBlanketRunner

    Anyone recognize this condition?

    Female, 40s, slightly overweight, healthy, active lifestyle. She has had this condition since childhood, as long as she can remember. Never diagnosed. She walks with toes pointed out almost to 45 degrees. Very short steps. (Duck walk). She keeps her pelvis noticeably thrust forwards, shoulders...
  10. RedBlanketRunner

    Traumatic Asphyxia

    Has anyone encountered this? Scenario. I was off duty. Vehicle next to me slams a bridge abutment. I stop and run back. Driver was sitting back in his seat, appeared unable to breathe, and was full cyanotic. I dragged him out, opened the airway and gave one breath. He instantly started...
  11. RedBlanketRunner

    Job Description - read the fine print!

    I was working at a rural ambulance company. We got few calls, mostly farm accidents, and spent a lot of our time cooling our jets at the barn. I got word that a small hospital about an hours drive away was looking for a B-MET to get them over the upcoming JCAH inspection. I thought to myself...
  12. RedBlanketRunner

    Alternative E?-MT Stuff

    I've come to know this road well over the years. Long string of villages on up it. Security measures. 40 gallon fuel tank under the seats gets me just about anywhere I need to go. All that coffee. Heading upcountry again. House call. Welfare check. An associates' ride. A little...
  13. RedBlanketRunner

    Basics First

    A friend came by to show me her 'spider bite'. Diagnosed as such by an ER doc. It hadn't healed in over a month and she returned to that doc. He said that was typical of some types of spider "poison." Curious, I did a rudimentary assessment and asked her general past medical history. Bells rang...
  14. RedBlanketRunner

    Physician responsibility vs expedience

    I have acute nerve damage from childhood exposure to lead and other toxins, exascerbated by prolonged exposure to petro-chemicals. My myelin was described to me as 'shredded' by one neurologist. When in my 40's I contracted an acute infection and the physician went the 'shotgun' approach, IV...
  15. RedBlanketRunner

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Quick question. Does anyone have experience using this in sterilizing applications? Have used with catalysts? Suggestions on useful concentrations? Materials or situations where it is ineffective?
  16. RedBlanketRunner

    Unreal heli rescue

    Years later and I still think back on this. Dang! Way out in the boondocks, completely forested area. A friend and I saw a rider take a header off a mountain bike. FX clav. blown pupil. We were on vacation, no serious rescue gear, but immobilize with a home brew C collar, good old duct and some...
  17. RedBlanketRunner

    A birthing

    Carol Burnette once described giving birth as taking your bottom lip and stretching it over your head. I'll take her word on that. Where I lived we had a lot of home deliveries. Even had a midwife course taught by a nurse practitioner. My interest in birthings was peaked when I attended a...
  18. RedBlanketRunner

    Medical hierarchy vs Field savvy

    I'm out of the business now. On the sidelines. Re-retired after being a medical coordinator/facilitator for NGOs in third world countries. (Glutton for punishment) And being out of the loop now I want to voice a gripe that has been gnawing at me for over 40 years. And hopefully, get some...
  19. RedBlanketRunner

    To the admins/owners

    Glad to see you are using XenForo. How do you like it?