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    "ICU Level Care on the Street" Salt Lake City Program going to put Doctors on ambulances

    A new program was just announced in Salt Lake City to have doctors responding with the FD for cardiac arrests and Mass Casualty events. PIO from the fire department " This is exciting for us because it enhances the care that we can give in the streets. It enhances the opportunities for our...
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    Treatment for patient with Moderate hypothermia and Major Frostbite

    I had a patient last week with Moderate hypothermia: 91.0 tympanic (ear); and major frostbite: both legs knees down. He was picked up by the State Police for walking on the freeway (started walking fully clothed including boots) in the dark, about 15 deg. F, in slush at approx. 0500. Picked...
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    How many services use Fentanyl instead of Morphine for Cardiac Chest Pain?

    Had a conversation today with coworker. When I was at my old service/s (10 plus years ago) we were switching from Morphine to Fentanyl for Cardiac. Here everyone still thinks Morphine is the end all for Cardiac. It doesn't help that we are having problems getting Morphine; and Fentanyl is...
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    No new funny things?

    Why doesn't anyone have any new funny stuff? has EMS become that boring?
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    Lot of info and news about Harvey and Irma; and California fires but almost nothing about Montana. Montana has had close to a MILLION acres burn this summer and still going strong. They figure most of the fires will go out when it starts snowing. People are losing their jobs, not because...
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    How do people deal with Stress in EMS/Fire/PD? I used to deal with it by talking to co-workers (Fire Dept was the best place) sometimes the talk turned funny or raunchy; but it was a great way to relieve stress about things bothering you. Even if no one there was on the rough runs with me I...
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    Respiratory Distress

    If you had a patient that was in respiratory distress with severe pain medium to deep breaths and coughing, laughing, sneezing or hiccuping; would you give Pain Meds during transport? either Morphine or Fentanyl? Doesn't matter how long the transport, although in this case it was 92 miles...
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    What are your best April Fools Day jokes/Pranks

    What a
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    Why men are just Happier People

    NICKNAMES: If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah. If Mike, Dave and John go out; they will call each other Fat Boy, :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: and S**t for Brains. EATING OUT...
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    What are some things that you have been taught that is total BS?

    Such as: can't get a Radial pulse unless BP is over 80 S, Femoral pulse bp over 70, and carotid pulse with BP over 60 S. High Flow O2 for everyone but--- too much O2 can shut off resp drive on COPD patients (I was taught both of the O2 ones in same EMT-B class)
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    Burn Patients in Hospital

    My wife asked me this question last night and I dind't know how to answer; and it has me wondering: Why with critical (or not so critical) burn patients do they only give pain meds for debridements? Why don't they just totally knock them out? The few times I have been in a burn...
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    what do you do on an IFT from small hospital to large

    situations that I used to run into all the time (1-3 a week). Going from small hospital ICU to Trauma one for Cardiac Cath 20 mile transport: ICU staff tells you that the patient has a good, patent 24 g IV in the back of the hand. patient is CA+O*3 (4). I always started at least...
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    Have you had the Flu Vaccine/Mist

    Just wondering who has had the flu vaccine?mist? is it mandantory for your area/company/dept? got mine (FLu A&B mist) last week; was diagnosed with the flu (Flu Type B) over the weekend. now feel like crap. comes and goes.
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    Clearing C-Spine in the field

    how many area clear c-spine in the field? Reason I am asking is that in Indianapolis where I just did 10 years in EMS, they have been clearing c-spine, (with 5 criteria met), for almost 5 years. here in Utah, the ED doc's and Medical directors think that is the worst thing they have...
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    How much does your service charge for transports?

    The service that I work for only charges ~$250, no mileage; no matter where we transport to: but I work for the Federal Government, so they are not trying to make money. The State of Utah; allows services to charge different set rates for different type of transports, and supplies used...
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    started from long distance transfers

    Thread idea started from LD transfer thread in BLS forum How much does your area charge for transports in general. When I was in Indiana it was $400-600 for BLS, $650-800 for ALS, and $10.25 a mile. there was some variance from private to public services (those were private rates)...
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    need help with WHY we need to have 12 leads

    I came from a very progressive service to a very slow service: but with the capability to have anything, money no object type place. some of the medics are trying to convince the service that we need to have 12 lead capability; we are using Lifepack 12's without 12 leads. our...
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    what is the stupidest hospital to hospital transport you have ever done?

    sort of like stupid runs; but stupid transports I did one from small to large hospital for a prisoner having chest pain. received verbal and written orders from ED dr to: "wake pt up every 10 min, ask him what his chest pain was (pt was being transported to rule out MI) and if it was...
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    Ultimate training

    I just got back from a 4 day course at the Dept of Homeland Security, Center for Domestic Prepardness. This particular course was TERT 'Technical Emergency Response Training'. A basic class in emergency response to a Major (or minor) HAZMAT problem; or a CBRNE...
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    For those that know me in Indianapolis; I am moving soon to northern Utah; going to be working as a Civilian Medic on an Army base. fun stuff. those in Indiana; good luck, nice to work with you all. keep in touch with people through here thank you