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  1. ellexruth

    freezing up and choking during skill drills

    So I started EMT-B school in mid-January. My teacher is really great. Works with us individually and everything. We're kind of just starting to move into skills training (opposed to the first two weeks with lectures around safety, professionalism, importance of documenting, how radios work...
  2. ellexruth

    Outside EMS?

    What do you guys like to do for hobbies/leisure outside of EMS? I like to play music / video games, learn languages and read. :D I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for this question.
  3. ellexruth

    premptive strike on the NREMT

    I am a sparkling brand spanking new EMS student (like, we just finished anatomy/physiology and pathology and are moving into airways). I'm terrified of the NREMT. What is the best way I can start to tackle studying for it NOW? I obviously know very little at this point, but would love to get a...
  4. ellexruth

    EMT and mental health

    Hey all, I'm new to the site. I'm very passionate about EMS and after a year of solid pondering I decided to go for it. I'm enrolled at a school and starting in mid-January. I literally couldn't be more thrilled. However, I'm diagnosed with bipolar II, anxiety and ADD. I've been stable on...