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  1. Giant81

    Best online retailer to buy a Stethoscope

    I'm going to buy a cardiology IV, and looking at the best place online to get one. Looks like most are within $10 or eachother, so it really comes down to support if there are any problems. Thanks!
  2. Giant81


    Anyone from the midwest going to WEMSA in Milwaukee? What sessions are you signed up for? Want to get a beer?
  3. Giant81

    Free online NREMT Basic CEU's?

    I was doing a search online for some free web based training classes to finish up some CEU's for my NREMT recertification coming up very quickly. With WI not requiring the NREMT certification to stay current, my recert date snuck up on me. While I can let it lapse and just maintain my WI cert...
  4. Giant81

    pocket notebook

    I currently have a little flip notebook that I keep in my cargo pocket and jump bag for taking quick notes or recording a set of vitals if I arrive on scene before the rig gets there. Is it worth getting one of those EMS specific ones printed with the vitals etc.. or just a cheap, lined flip...
  5. Giant81

    What is this for?

    I was doing a rig check on Friday and noticed this in the trauma bag. Forgive my ignorance, is that a can opener?
  6. Giant81

    Jump Bag

    I'm just starting my EMT training. I'm starting the EMT-B course to become certified and volunteer for the rescue squad in my hometown. I do not expect to ever get paid for any of this other than the training paid for. It's a small town, single rig, 150-200 calls a year. Currently I'm on the...