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  1. cointosser13

    Macro drip set

    When uing a macro drip set (10 gtts/ml), is there really any difference between using a 18 G vs a 16 G? A 16 G has a max flow rate of 220 ml/min. But what about the macro drip set, doesn’t that have a certain flow rate (due to size of tube and resistance)? I didn’t see a “max flow rate” on the...
  2. cointosser13

    Why we shouldn’t backboard

    I know a lot of places are still into backboarding every patient that complains of back pain and/or neck pain even if the car was going 5 my agency. I also know many agencies are slowly pulling away from backboarding every patient. I have a wonderful OMD who’ll listen to us paramedics...
  3. cointosser13

    Pediatric neurological exam

    So I ran this call last night, 9 month old who fell off a couch and landed onto his back hitting the back of his head. Mother states kid didn’t cry after landing onto the hard wood floor. Negative loss of conscious/vomiting. When we arrived on scene kid looked like he was sleeping in mother’s...
  4. cointosser13

    Prehospital narrative template?

    Does anybody have a prehospital narrative template where they just fill in the blanks or *** as they go along with the report (off course add more as they go along with the report)? If you have any templates that would be most appreciated. I'm trying to create my own as of now, but I want to get...
  5. cointosser13

    reciprocity Virginia to Maryland

    Never done this and don't understand much about it. I'm a nationally registered paramedic in the state of Virginia. I like to practice in the state of Maryland but I don't know which website to go to or who to go to. Also if I transfer over to Maryland, can I still practice in the state of Virginia?
  6. cointosser13

    Vent Modes

    This more pertains to critical care paramedicine, but I was wondering: how do you remember what each vent mode (A/C PRVC SIMV etc) does when ventilating a patient? Any tricks (or charts) to remembering what each one does?
  7. cointosser13

    Flight Medic Questions

    This pertains mostly to flight medics, but if anybody else knows the answer too don't be afraid to answer. What were some clinically based questions that you had to answer during your flight interview process?
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    Here's a fun scenario I think you guys might like. Its just you (Paramedic) and your partner (EMT) at the station, Engine crew is out and about getting lunch. You have a walk in and someone says "my brother is in my car, he's badly burnt". So you grab up the stretcher and walk up to the car...
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    Stat Medevac

    I'm looking into maybe getting employed with Stat Medevac as a Paramedic in 3 years or so. When I looked at the requirements, it said you need the required certs, which I have all of them, and three years of critical care and/or emergency department. I have 1 year of emergency department...
  10. cointosser13

    Favorite device

    Question to all the wonderful EMS providers out there....what is your favorite tool/device in the ambulance (and why)? This is a question to all of you, whether you do rescue or CC/transport. Mine: Capnography. One of the best ways to assess a patient's breathing, and it's in "real-time". SpO2...
  11. cointosser13

    Decerebrate posturing

    I want your input guys.... We ran a call that was called out for a seizure. In the notes it said patient vomited x1. We get inside and mother is right next to her 6 year old kid who's not moving and looks wet. We asked what happened, mother said something along the lines of "my kid was in the...
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    Found a link that I think everyone will like. Enjoy the reading!
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    One thing that has me puzzled. Here's a scenerio where I asked myself, "how would I really handle this?". Scenerio: You're running as a BLS unit. CPR is toned out, you and an ALS unit is dispatched for the call. BLS (You) get's there in 3 minutes, ALS is 10 minutes out still. When you arrive...
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    I had a few questions about the RAA (Richmond Ambulance Authority). 1. What is the hiring process like? How do they test you for your physical? 2. What's the job like? I know it's extremely busy, but in Richmond what type of calls do you run? 3. What are your protocols like, limited or quite...
  15. cointosser13

    Drunk patients

    I never understood why drunk people urinate more? What's the scientific reason behind this? I heard it's got to do something with ADH, but I don't quite understand.
  16. cointosser13

    Guess what it is

    So yesterday my partner and I ran a call for a male in his 40's who was having abdominal pain. First impression of the guy was, stable. He looked healthy, other than a yellowish tint (Jaundice) on his chest and abdomen. Guy didn't appear in any distress. His words exactly "Hey guys, I started...
  17. cointosser13

    Drop in BP

    To sum up the story, sheriffs find an unconscious male in his 50's on the side of the road, unconscious throughout the whole ride to the hospital and at the hospital. Once at the hospital doctors intubate the guy. While I'm trying to get another IV line in I see that this guy's BP is around...
  18. cointosser13

    Left BBB...which one?

    So there's RBBB, and there are LBBBs. But....if it's a LBBB it could be a LPFB or LAFB. How do you determine on a EKG if it's LPFB or LAFB?
  19. cointosser13

    med math

    Anybody have good links that have good examples of med math? Things like how to calculate infusion rates and things like that.
  20. cointosser13

    Ectopic vs. aberrant beats

    Can someone explain the difference between ectopic beats versus aberrant beats?