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    "Sho Yano, Uiversity of Chicago Student, To Become Youngest M.D. in History"

    Sounded like they didn't want to let him start clinical medicine until he turned 18.
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    Forgot oxygen

    Ahh, the "Mentalist" method...
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    Burn victim treatment from an ALS/BLS standpoint

    The correct answer is that you should dress burns according to local protocols which hopefully coordinates with your local burn center's guidelines. The goal is that your patient's burns are dressed as the burn center would want them, so that they don't have to focus on immediately fixing your...
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    Why are Paramedics paid so little?

    In my basic class I believe they told us to expect something like 60% attrition by the end of the class. Most of us stuck through it, which they said was very unusual. In my EMT-I class, only 75% of the class ended up passing the class final, though all those who passed the final passed the...
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    Is lifting a necessary job for volunteers?

    I'll answer the original question... I have ridden with a variety of partners. I am perfectly happy, and often prefer, to do lifts into the stretcher myself (I know that I will do it right). That said, some of my partners prefer to do 2-person lifts all of the time. If they want to do that, I...
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    Prehospital Ultrasounds?

    My system allows 10 minutes max onscene for traumas. You start your IVs in the truck, you complete the assessment in the truck, you haul *** to the hospital. Even if they introduced prehospital ultrasound here, there is no way its going to be done onscene or before stabilizing the patient.
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    80 Year Old Female

    Well, she wasn't progressing with a standard cushings reflex, if it was a bleed. Any change in respirations following the change in mental status? Did you happen to check pupillary size and response? I don't really want to try and diagnose a nSTEMI in the field, I would rather wait to see what...
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    Some questions about a call from last night and EKG

    I personally like the idea of a PE. Winded, low SPO2, hx of cardiac occlusion, acute onset, depression in the anterior precordial leads with no reciprocal changes. He needs a quick trip to the hospital, and if he uses the words "pain" and "chest" in the same sentence he gets ASA and maybe some...
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    Forgot oxygen

    Not disagreeing with you. Hospice patient the other day on 4L NC, no COPD history, satting 92%, reports SOB. Patient was mouthbreathing. Moving the NC to their mouth bumped SPO2 to 98%, pt no longer reported SOB.
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    Blood Pressure on the Road

    Isolate the patient's arm from the truck by resting it on your leg, and your feet on the stretcher. Expose the patient's arm as much as possible. Palpate the patients arms for a good brachial pulse. Put the stethoscope directly over that spot. If you can, lift the arm above your leg with the...
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    CPR when its not needed

    Tell them they should know how to do good CPR so they can tell when the nurses are doing it wrong :)
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    How did you learn to intubate?

    Hey, could be worse...they could have gotten a know where i'm going with that.
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    Medicare Fraud

    Wheelchair transports need to be covered by insurance companies. Period.
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    40 year old male: sick party

    Got flagged down today (90 degrees out) while riding IFT for a passed out homeless guy. Not that I was thinking it, but one of the bystanders handed me the phone with the 911 dispatcher and they made sure to remind me not to give the patient any food or liquids.
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    Medicare Fraud

    In their opinion... This is the problem. At least where I live, ambulance transports require a physician or a nurse to sign off on it as medically necessary. It should never be the responsibility of an EMT Basic or a dispatcher with no medical training to determine whether a patient should be...
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    Obtaining BGL

    My patient on a BLS IFT transport went hypoglycemic enroute the other day. I noticed the change in mental status, checked BGL (was 35), and had my paramedic partner pull the truck over so we could fix it. We ended up getting permission from the SNF to continue transport of our now stable...
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    Interesting petition

    From Slice's excerpt of the law, it would seem only public agency employees are included by the letter. As other posters mention, however, even IFT and CCT services can provide standby/backup emergency care, or vital transports of emergent patients between facilities.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    That's not really fair. You're implying that nurses get to decide what meds the patient gets.
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    Paramedic Practitioners

    I don't think the problem is in needing a PhD to be a researcher or academic, but that in academia there is little respect for those who are excellent teachers but who lack a PhD, or who have acquired practical knowledge in a field far above the PhDs (say a CEO vs a PhD in business). What annoys...
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    Paramedic Practitioners

    I have to disagree here. While they may not insist on constantly being called "Doctor", the letters of their official title are the only things that matter in an academic environment. If you don't have a PhD, you are considered useless in many academic circles.