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    Frontline Medicine Interesting show, however it almost seems a little dated. They talk about military style tourniquets like they're the newest tech. They've got military evac helicopters with docs on them (which allows them to give painkillers and infuse blood, can't...
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    North Carolina going to National Scope?

    Just got an email from NCOEMS... The NCOEMS is currently working with the NC Association of EMS educators, NC community college educators and NC EMS agency educators to develop a transition course to satisfy National Registry requirements and to develop guidelines regarding the new EMS...
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    Crash at Air Show in Reno EMS reports 25 minor injuries, 25 severe, and 25 critical. Immediately afterwards, the facility put out a call for any medically trained personnel or police to help.
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    Whacker truck!

    Alas, I have no picture, but there was a white private truck behind me today that had a top light bar, a front window light bar, a CB type antenna and dual externally mounted fire extinguishers.
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    Starting IVs Next Week, any Tips?

    My Intermediate class is starting IVs next week any I was wondering if anyone has tips to keep me from looking like an idiot my first time. This can range from ways to keep from poking yourself to "how to tape like a boss". Thanks in advance!
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    Just started EMT-I Class, Going ALS!

    North Carolina beware, soon I'll be running ALS on the streets. IVs for everyone!
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    Running from police is a bad idea...

    So, ran up on an accident off duty for the first time since I started in EMS. Went like this... Getting onto the highway after taking my mom to dinner for her birthday. Notice there's a black unmarked chasing a car in front of us. We keep up for a minute, but they're going quick and the speed...
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I ended up with a Gerber Hinderer (I swear I didnt ask for it), a Littmann Master Classic II, a Luminox 3001 watch, and a second Gerber knife (standard non whacker type).
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    Friend of mine was almost killed by docs in the ER

    So, a friend of mine had let me know she had been in the hospital the other day, and I was visiting her today and asked what she was there for... Background: My friend is a 20yo female, she is diabetic and uses an insulin pump + supplemental insulin when necessary to control her blood sugar...
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    Off duty treatment for possible heat exhaustion?

    I ran into a situation today where a girl had collapsed in a snack line at an athletic event. I had expected that they would have sent over an athletic trainer to take care of her, but when I stopped by the only person giving care was an athletic training student I know and who had witnessed the...
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    The Scissor Leash

    Saw a medic using one of these the other day. It's a retractable scissor holder, similar to those you use with ID cards. You have continuous access to your shears, and the cord is long enough to cut at arms length. You can justify using Tac pants instead of EMT pants with these without having to...
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    Boot sizing...

    I ordered a pair of ATAC station boots online, and I thought that I had sized them right in store, but apparently I was wrong :). The hard toes on the size 9.5W shoes have a little bit too much contact with the sides and tops of my feet. My question is this: Will a larger size (say 10W)...
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    SOP for Child Birth

    Would it be problematic for an EMT to assist in a delivery while off duty? I know this would be a rare occasion, but I guess what I am really wondering is what skills can an EMT use when off duty without getting into trouble since they aren't under medical direction. Worse question. What if...