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  1. Fezman92

    Why is hyperlipidemia so common in elderly PTs with hypertension?

    Why is this so common? Is the hypertension in part due to the hyperlipidemia since there’s such a buildup of lipids in the blood that the body has to work harder to keep the blood pumping?
  2. Fezman92

    Did I make a mistake on this call?

    So as I said in the directionless thread, I finally had my first call as the treating EMT and it was interesting. 31y/o male, with a possible right femur fracture. Since PT had paralysis (previous history), there was no pain, but they were shaking and diaphoretic, which according to the PT, it...
  3. Fezman92

    Why is hypertension so common?

    I’ve noticed that 98% of the PTs I transport have hypertension. Why is it so prevalent?
  4. Fezman92

    Masks post COVID-19

    Does anyone else think that wearing masks will become required with PT/hospital interactions once all of this is over?
  5. Fezman92

    Classes for treating PTs with developmental disabilities.

    Are there any good classes that teach how to treat PTs with developmental disabilities and are combative (not sure if combative is the correct term though)? The online one I took through NJOEMS wasn’t even memorable.
  6. Fezman92

    Wilderness EMT

    I’m considering getting my wilderness EMT cert this or next year and possibly SAR training down the road. Does anyone here have any experience in this area? Thanks
  7. Fezman92

    Out of hospital DNR question

    So naturally I do a lot of transports of elderly PTs with a variety of medical issues and usually there's an out of hospital DNR, but most of the time, there's no PT signature. Just the doctor. Why do I keep seeing out of hospital DNRs that aren't signed by the PT or a designated...
  8. Fezman92

    Did I do the right thing?

    So I’m doing a BLS transport for a guy on O2. We left the hospital and all of his vitals were good. I get him in the ambulance and check his SPO2. It’s 87/88. I bump him up to 6L O2 via NC (he was on 2L via NC at the hospital), wait a few minutes, only goes up to 89-91. Check both fingers, same...
  9. Fezman92

    CPI training

    So the ER tech job I might get is going to have me get CPI (crisis prevention intervention) training. Assuming that I get the job and the training, how useful would it be as part of my EMT toolkit?
  10. Fezman92

    Finding CEUs

    So my NR expires in March. I don’t have a lot of CEUs and when I start to look into where I can get them, it gets a bit overwhelming. Is there a good site where I can knock out all of my CEU requirements? Thanks
  11. Fezman92

    EMT to Nurse path

    I plan to eventually be a critical care nurse. Will being a critical care medic (I figure that I’ll be a critical care medic in 4-6 years at the earliest) help me with nursing school and eventually when I go to be a critical care nurse?
  12. Fezman92

    mRNA Vaccine

    Can someone explain to me the mRNA and other “NA” stuff that’s being talked about in regards to the vaccine? Or is this the wrong thread?
  13. Fezman92

    Box truck seats

    In all of the box trucks I’ve been in, the seats don’t go up and down so I have to sit on a pillow or blankets when I drive. Is this common?
  14. Fezman92

    Should I get a multi tool?

    I know that some EMTs have multi tools in addition to Raptors. I’m wonder your thoughts.
  15. Fezman92

    EKG vs Phlebotomy tech class

    So my local community college is going to offer EKG and Phlebotomy tech classes next year. I plan to go to paramedic school in the future, should I take any of these classes now? If so, which one? Thanks
  16. Fezman92

    Job Shirt Question

    So about a month ago I got a 911 job and I filled out a uniform order form which included a job shirt. Nothing has arrived yet and from what I've been told, it can take up to 8 months to get anything. I'm looking for a job shirt that I can wear between now and whenever I get mt uniform. The...