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    Covid-19 news

    Adults in Generation Z (46%) were the most likely to say that their mental health had deteriorated since the pandemic, followed by Xers (33%), Millennials (31%), Boomers (28%), and older adults (9% ). Since the start of the pandemic, the majority of adults (61%) have experienced unwanted weight...
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    What is your favorite?

    Are you an MMO game lover? If you are then what are your favorite MMO games so far? Feel free to share it here :D
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    Life as a EMT

    Being an EMT is so challenging but frustrating also but when you helped a sick person, you feel great as well. As an EMT person, what challenges are you currently facing right now?
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    What summer activities you have in mind?

    Summer may not look like summers of the past but with the abounding resources available on the internet, the sunny days of summer, and with a little creativity your kids will have a summer filled with fun memories. What summer activities you have in mind that will help your family take full...
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    Is wearing pearls can ease stress and anxiety?

    Yesterday was tough, I fell asleep with my pearls on. It’s kinda weird. Just happened I read that pearls help balance hormonal fluctuations and they ease stress & anxiety. They are also supposed to enrich a person’s spiritual life & help in creating a caring & harmonious atmosphere at home or in...
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    What things do you do to avoid boredom?

    Since we are facing a pandemic. Some of us decided to just stay at home. What do you do to avoid your boredom?
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    Do you think so?

    Several months into the pandemic, we continue to unravel the mystery that is covid-19. There continue to be critical questions that remain unanswered. This may be one of the biggest questions on the minds of many. May vaccines be the most effective way to develop herd immunity so that the virus...
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    How to stay healthy in the New Normal?

    The health crisis has definitely changed our daily routines, be it at home or at work. How do you stay healthy in this new normal?
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    Is it possible to be fit in 2 weeks at home? weighing 196 lbs and 155 cm tall. Feeling tired all day and awake at night. What should I do?
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    Spiritual Healing

    Do you think spiritual healing can help treat depression? My Aunt is depressed due to my Uncle's sudden death (heart attack). Everyone wasn't prepared especially her. Her older siblings are quite old already (60s) so I guess that's the reason why they are considering Spiritual Healing (old...
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    How to feed them veggies

    My kids don't like eating vegetables. What do you do when your kids don't like to eat veggies?