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    "Bystander Reports Patient is Tripping Balls"

    I was working a clinical as part of my EMT class, back around October.. During this time, the laptops wern't quite functioning the way they were supposed too, so dispatch has to relay a lot of the information over the radio. As per local protocol, dispatch had to read off the whole report of the...
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    EMT-B EKG Interpretation

    Hi guys, I recently just graduated my EMT-B class. I'm currently looking into taking the national written test, as I have already passed my national practical in my class which follows the same guidelines as the national one. Anyhow, I wondered if learning EKG rates, rhythms, P-Wave, PR...
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    Re: Radio Chatter

    I was fortunete enough to ride along with station 1, a local paramedic station. We had just got to the station around morning shift, checked the truck and were set. We received a call over the radio for a code 3, additional information would be provided on a possible overdose. What I've heard...