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    Is the EMT field growing and are they in demand?

    So I’m studying to be an EMT right now, and was wondering if they are in demand and is the field growing. I am in the Minnesota/Minneapolis Saint Paul.
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    Allied medical training?

    So I’ve recently enrolled into the allied medical training program, it was cheap and online at your own pace. ( I haven’t started it yet), after you finish your online segment you go into a skills week to train and work on your skills. I was wondering if this is all legit and not a scam?
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    Not having any job references

    I have another huge question, I really only have 1 job reference and I start my EMT training as soon as we mail in my check. How often do Hospitals and or wherever most EMTs work check references.
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    Entry level separation

    So I have a question, I have received an entry level separation from the marine corps. And I was wondering if I can still be an EMT or will that disqualify me. I’m super worried that it will.