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    paid precepting??

    if you're talking about getting paid raid time you're SOL. If you're talking about precept time when you get hired at an agency, yes. You'll be salaried while they work to clear you
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    What does your agency ride in...

    ALS collegiate agency out of Binghamton University in New York. Run two rigs, two flycars, a special ops trailer, and a special ops gator. 7621, 2009 Medix 7622, 2003 Wheeled Coach 7651, 2002 Chevy Blazer 7652, 2005 Ford Expedition 7661, Special Ops Gator:
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    EMTLife Holiday EMT Gift Guide 2011

    Just saying...if anyone wants to give me the scope for Christmas, I'm not opposed :)
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    Remove Motorcycle Helmet?

    Very glad this topic came up. Had a motorcycle MVA a few weeks ago, off duty call where I ended up being one of two EMTs on scene for two patients (both in decent shape, all things considered) awaiting ambulances. In this instance I didn't remove the motorcycle helmet. The damage to the helmet...
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    what Knife do you carry on duty? STRONGLY recommend it. Don't let the dirt cheap price fool you, its a great tool. Sharp, reliable, and works for everything. Window punch on it, opens O2 bottles, seat belt cutter, etc...
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    Balancing EMT shifts and college?

    It works fine for me. Night shifts where I study between calls (if I can), ditto on weekends. Just about time management
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    Collegiate EMS Response to Flood Shelter

    Our student run ALS transport agency out of Binghamton University was addressed in this article published by JEMS, great review of the care provided and the training/logistics behind it in last month's flood of Binghamton, NY and the surrounding region. Great read if you have a few moments...
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    Crazy Kids Crazy Call

    Poor kid is going to forever associate a raging hard on with EMS and mommy problems. He's going to make a psychologist a very rich man someday :P
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    I've Been Served!!!!

    Best of luck to you. People like your plaintiff should be publicly beaten and thrown to the wolves for showing such disrespect and ill will towards the same people that put themselves in danger trying to save their dumb ***.
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    Desperate Student becoming Firefighter/EMT and confused...

    Get your Medic and AS In Fire Sciences
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    How do you deal with it?

    Its really important to find a healthy manner to deal with this kind of stuff. A lot of people (as shown in some above posts) manage to tune it out. It may very well work for them, and for others it'll just pile up and do more damage in the end. I have the good fortune to work and volunteer...
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    Police response to EMS calls

    With the campus EMS I ride with... -Potential Substance Abuse -Potential for violent actions causing the injury (Ie broken/lacerated hands; assault injuries) -MVAs -EDPs Sometimes UPD will stop by to see if we need help moving the patient, etc. They're a great resource and 9/10 the...
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    ER and Ambulance Rotations

    In the ER/hospital I strongly suggest business casual; as previously mentioned sneakers and jeans won't cut it. As for ambulance ride time, go with a uniform, or something close. I did my tech pants, boots, and a blue collared shirt. Professional looking and practical. I personally had no...
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    in trouble

    I don't think you need to worry about a suspension or revocation of your tags. As long as you did proper and thorough documentation of why the patient wasn't immobilized I wouldn't be terribly concerned. As a general rule, however, its typically better to immobilize the patient if they have...
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    Comments on 'A paramedics story' by Steven Kelly Grayson

    Great book, really enjoyed the stories. Strongly recommend it, and definitely watching for the sequel!
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    Trick to hear BP Better in the Moving Rig???

    If I'm having a hard time hearing a BP, I'll usually take a palp to confirm at least my systolic so that I know if I'm on the right track or not. Otherwise throw some money at a nice scope? Not practical for everyone, but worth a shot.
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    What do you carry 24/7 while on or off the job?

    Off duty normally just a pair of gloves in a pocket, used to carry a knife religiously, but on campus considering there are 10 cops on patrol at any given time, by the time I'd have it drawn in a bad situation they'd be there 3 times over. So no practical need anymore. During the week when...
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    "Bear with me, I'm new at this"
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    Priority 4 patients (DOA) and your agency?

    We call them code blacks in my region; and EMS can pronounce with certain obvious signs of death such as lividity, decapitations, and other similar indications of long standing or permanent death. I haven't personally had one (knock on wood), but I think its a matter of contacting med control...
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    THe REal Reason you became an EMT-B

    I became an EMT not for the less than emergent calls we take on a daily basis, but for the calls that come out as another ordinary ailment that turn into full codes, where I'm the only thing between someone's loved one and death. Like today. What was a 71yo fallen dispatch turned out to be a...