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    Class not making sense

    So on the first night of class, our instructor straight up told us that things wouldn't make sense until several weeks in. That said, it's week 3 and I'm freaking out because nothing is really coming together yet. Is my dumb redneck brain missing something here or is this normal when going...
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    Third rides before class starts?

    Hey y'all, Posting again even though anyone who read my first post on probably thinks I'm not entirely sane. I have a question: is it possible to start getting in any of my class required ride alongs before my class even starts? I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I've been bit by...
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    Getting Ahead With Classes and Third Rides

    Good evening y'all, New member here! I start my Basic class in the fall. I already know that I need to read ahead (which I'm doing), and of the few bright sides that can come from my dad's death, I'm back in touch with his old buddies from when he was a paramedic. They're hooking me up with the...