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    Collegiate EMS Response to Flood Shelter

    Our student run ALS transport agency out of Binghamton University was addressed in this article published by JEMS, great review of the care provided and the training/logistics behind it in last month's flood of Binghamton, NY and the surrounding region. Great read if you have a few moments...
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    New York/ Florida EMT-B Reciprocity

    Hey guys, I've been trying to do a little research to no avail. I'll be getting my New York State EMT-B this upcoming week and will be heading home to Florida a few days later for winter break. I'm hoping to return to Florida for the summer as well, so I'd like to get reciprocity and have my -B...
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    BAC Testing on Patients

    I'm vollie EMS at a college campus in upstate New York and recently noticed that campus PD has begun running BACs on our patients when the tool is available to the responding PD unit. On our campus, its SOP for a police unit to be dispatched to all intox calls dispatched to EMS, its a matter...
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    Well, I had an interesting evening last night, got me thinking. Have any of you had to be transported to the hospital by your own agency? I ride with a relatively small agency, we're all volunteers and very close knit. Yesterday was a great day for me, interviewed and was hired for summer...
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    Hands Free CPR Device

    I was lurking an EMS site the other day when I saw a similar video. Originally it was being shown as a device to provide EMS with a safer alternative for when we're in the box administering CPR while going emergent to a call. First thoughts were very cynical, did a little more youtube...