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  1. AnthonyM83

    Saddleback vs. Mt. Sac paramedic school?

    Call up both schools and see if you can have sit-down with administrators from both. UCLA will let you sit in on class, but Mt SAC won't due to the college's rules. Try to catch some of the students at break. I disagree with those who say it all comes down to what you put into it at "ANY"...
  2. AnthonyM83

    Oxygen and psychogenic shock

    Also, it can be a risky move to deviate from the standard of care that the rest of the country or textbooks are following. AHA 2010 Guidelines came out sometime in later need quite a bit of time to rework a book and get it through publishing. And AHA only really addresses ACS and CVA...
  3. AnthonyM83

    Oxygen and psychogenic shock

    I'll give you a distracting injury..... :)
  4. AnthonyM83

    Oxygen and psychogenic shock

    I don't know about minimally harmful in those specific cases. But yes, this forum seems to be OVERCOMPENSATING and reacts violently to any talk of oxygen administration outside current recommendations, rather than matter of factly explaining the topic or just referring to an information source...
  5. AnthonyM83

    NCTI San Diego

    Yeah.... Seems to be that it hasn't gotten better as of currently. And that you can put in a lot but not get it back
  6. AnthonyM83

    NCTI San Diego

    I only know about NCTI in Riverside, and I keep hearing horrible things. I know a previous poster said things have been changing the last few years, but the complaints I hear have all been from the last three years up to on-going now, currently, with present students. I would go have a chat...
  7. AnthonyM83

    Care Ambulance (LA and Orange County)

    Selling the company wouldn't meant it can't stand on its own feet. Many entrepreneurs see it as the their greatest accomplishment when they can build a business to the point that they get offers from buyers :) As far as hearing news about it, many owners don't keep their employees updated on...
  8. AnthonyM83

    Is PEtCO2 Overrated?

    Yeah, I was a bit disillusioned when I started looking into exactly what info one can get from capnography... I thought it would be more impressive. Having said that, using it as a guide for chest compressions, knowing when to even do a pulse check (if your agency allows you to deviate from...
  9. AnthonyM83

    Hello all! Just need some advice!

    The info for test review (which helps you review for new-hire tests and the actual field) has been posted a few times. I suggest looking those ups. If you did well in school, a lot of the stuff will start coming back to you after a few days of review. I know JB Course sells some question...
  10. AnthonyM83

    Anyone heard of using a BP cuff as a tourniquet?

    Yes I agree. BP makes a great TQ. Just be sure to keep it inflated as it'll start to deflate over time. At the ER the staff can slowly deflate it to see exactly what's bleeding and pump it back up immediately and easily if needed.
  11. AnthonyM83

    So much blood...

    A lot of new EMTs often have the same worry about being able to handle the gore (which isn't that often). Almost always when you show up on scene it's not an issue. You concentrate on what needs to get done. I think most lay people get grossed out because they don't know what to do and thus...
  12. AnthonyM83

    Skills Final

    Come on guys... Spread this around please...
  13. AnthonyM83

    Tactical E.M.S. Scenario For Explorer Exam

    Respectfully, gotta say it's a pretty poor question. Also, since we're not familiar with your system, we don't know how it's set-up. There's an explorer and suddenly there's students? Is the explorer program ran through the school rather than an EMS agency/department? There's also a lot of extra...
  14. AnthonyM83

    Santa Monica Fd

    How can it be in violation of state law if it was an approved study? The state has a procedures on getting a study approved so it won't be in violation. Otherwise one could never ever test out new protocols before implementing system-wide. I don't get it....
  15. AnthonyM83

    CAB and ABC

    I disagree. The new CPR takes into account what a lot of providers were already doing. Realizing this guy is probably in cardiac arrest, let's go straight for the pulse check to start compressions sooner. It theoretically takes more time to do a good head-tilt chin-lift, putting your face...
  16. AnthonyM83

    CAB and ABC

    Do you have examples? I ask because I tend to dislike a lot of comments about how things are done differently in the field than from the classroom. That usually (but not always) is a sign of inadequate field performance....
  17. AnthonyM83

    EMT school vs. Actual Field work Questions

    I recommend making index cards with different conditions or chief complaints (seizure, ALOC, poisoning, stroke, cardiac, SOB, etc) with both questions to ask for each and physical exams to do for each. Ex: Seizure Hx: Aura before? Describe seizure? Duration? How many? Previous seizure? Fall...
  18. AnthonyM83

    O2's Place in the Initial Assessment

    Uh, the sheets say "failure to voice and ultimately provide appropriate oxygen therapy" is the fail criteria. Problem solved. Breathing subsection is the most appropriate location for the oxygen point, but does not need to be applied until you've discovered the need for it. If there's no need...
  19. AnthonyM83

    EMT school vs. Actual Field work Questions

    If your school is good, the classroom way will be very similar to field way. If it's not, perhaps the field is being done poorly. Though, often, the school way is being done poorly, too. The main differences I see in the classroom, is that we make students do every step out the long way. This...
  20. AnthonyM83

    EMT school vs. Actual Field work Questions

    Double Post. Delete