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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    General helicopter discussion. Post pictures or talk about whatever
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    Survival Flight

    As I am sure most have seen the NTSB report regarding the Survival Flight accident I thought it would be good to post, as a reminder to all and a warning to those eager for their first flight job. It has always been known that SF did some shady things however this report is appalling on so many...
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    Seems to have been some recent discussions on the forum regarding ECMO so I figured this could be a thread for general questions and information. I currently work for a commuity based Rotorwing service that transports ECMO patients as well as have some bedside CVICU experience. We see a decent...
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    Chest Pain

    You respond to a patient with complaints of chest pain and syncope. Upon arrival patient is ashen, diaphoretic, and responsive to voice but drowsy and slow to respond. A&Ox3. No medical history. Vitals: HR: 50s with occasional drops to low 40s RR: 14 non labored Sp02: 94% BP: 84/40 EKG as...
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    For those that do ECMO transports, are you seeing an increase in VA ECMO + Impella aka ECPELLA? This seems to becoming a more popular treatment. One of the biggest problems with VA ECMO is the significantly increased afterload, from retrograde arterial flow, resulting in increased LV wall...
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    Bougie-to-Go Review

    Just thought I would do a quick review of the SunMed Bougie-to-Go. It is a "pocket" style Bougie that, so far, works great. We have had issues with our standard Protex Bougie Introducers. We had to store them bent up in our jump bag which resulted in them being bent and difficult to return to...
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    Hurricane Florence

    Anyone else going? Should be flying out tomorrow. Keeps changing where we will be staging. Sounds like initial plans may have been too close to the action.
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    Traumatic Cardiac Arrests

    How aggressive, or not, are you working Traumatic Cardiac Arrests? As we know Traumatic Arrests survival is minimal however should we still attempt to identify and treat reversible causes? With some trauma centers becoming more aggressive with ECMO and REBOA is transport a more viable option...
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    EMT-T vs TR-C/TP-C

    So I am interesting in getting involved with TEMS. Does anyone have EMT-T? It looks like there is a company called RTI putting on a EMT-T class locally. Appears to be TCCC with some added stuff and their own certification. Don't think it is officially CONTOMS but it has the same hours and...
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    We have been seeing an increase in Impella transfers lately so I figured I would throw something together and share some info on them. Just like how IABPs have proliferated Impella’s are now becoming more popular due to their relative ease of insertion and ability to stabilize patients in...
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    Large Bore IVs and Rapid Infusion

    I have had a few days off and got bored so I figured I would write this up. I've had this conversation a few times lately and think that is useful knowledge. Just a few tips and tricks. There is very much an art along with the science of Rapid Infusion and Large Bore IVs. For the sake of this...
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    Tourniquet with Femur Fracture

    Had an interesting flight recently and wanted to get some feedback. Mid 30's y/o Male who was unrestrained driver of single vehicle roll over with ejection. Upon arrival of EMS patient was outside of vehicle in cardiac arrest with a obvious femur fracture. Femur was displaced, medially rotated...
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    Berry Aviation

    Does anyone have any experience with Berry Aviation? I have seen a few job posting for Flight Nurse / Flight Medic lately. Seems they do OCONUS flights for government agencies (Insert 3 letters). Curious about pay, deployment schedule, etc. Thanks
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    Staying Cool

    It is a lovely humid 100 degree day today. Aside from the basics of staying hydrated and such does anyone have any tips/tricks to staying cool in the summer heat? For me a good headband is a must to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I like "Junk" brand. Great material, cool designs, and thin...
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    Critical Care Topic of the Month

    Just brain storming as I sit here doing a write up about balloon pumps and browsing the forum. This forum really is great place to learn with providers of various levels and expertise. It would be kind of cool to have a monthly critical care topic where members could discuss, educate, ask...
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    New forum section suggested: Flight/HEMS

    Any chance of getting a Flight or HEMS section similar to the military/tactical/wilderness section? It seems there are a decent number of members who fly and questions come up pretty often. It would be nice to have a place to post questions about interviews, jobs, scenarios, etc. EMTlife seems...
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    IABP/Hemodynamic Class Advice

    Hey everyone, Looking for some input. I was asked to teach a class about IABP and Invasive Hemodynamics for a CCEMTP course. I was provided the PowerPoints from the AAOS Critical Care Transport book, chapters 14 and 15. I was going to create an additional presentation to fill in some gaps and...
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    Shock; Invasive Hemodynamics

    A 84 y/o male patient presents to a rural ER after an outpatient endoscopy the previous day with complaints of shortness of breath and fatigue/malaise. Initial chest x-ray reveals infiltrates, questionable aspiration. While obtaining labs the patient begins to c/o substernal chest pain then...
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    Flight Nurse Interview

    I have my first Flight Nurse interview tomorrow. Any last minute advice? I have been brushing up on my drug calculations, critical care drips, trauma, etc. I am also concerned going in with the "bare minimum" experience trying to prove myself. I have worked 5 days a week ever since I started...
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    Ascending Cholangitis

    Lately I have had a run of patients with Ascending, or Acute, Cholangitis. They have been some of the sickest acutely ill patients I have seen. Has anyone seen this, or think that they have seen this, in the field? Since I am lazy and do not feel like typing it out here is the wikipedia link...