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  1. Achilles

    How do you get to be Paramedic of the year???
  2. Achilles

    Still alive?

    Curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this. i’ve Heard of similar situations, but they’re few and far between. granted it is a news article and some information may be inaccurate, but it certainly doesn’t look good...
  3. Achilles

    Michigan License number change

    I was just informed that my License number has changed of MDHHS website, it was originally a 320 number, now it’s 18. I assume the reasoning on the is because MDHHS isn’t using LARA anymore, but don’t know. I asked a buddy in another county and he said his changed to, so maybe everyone’s changed??
  4. Achilles

    How prepared is your system?

    With all the talk about MCI's, whether it be human cause or natural disaster. How prepared is your system or agency for an MCI? Does your agency have a system in place for a MCI? Do your neighboring agencies? How about your area hospitals? If your trauma hospitals are overloaded where...
  5. Achilles

    Obtaining BP in both arms

    This question may be more suited for the ALS discussion, however, I'm going to ask it here. I was recently reading on a forum about a difference in blood pressures in either arm. So my question is; should an EMT bother obtaining a blood pressure in both arms? Can an EMT do anything for the what...
  6. Achilles

    Need some quick medical advice

    So I have this problem where i like to prank people on the first of April. My April fools for the CL's :P
  7. Achilles

    I hate Emtlife

    This site is so dumb it's run by a bunch of mean CL's, none of the information on this site is good and it's ram by a bunch of mean CL's who are so mean. And all anyone does on this site is complains. Seriously could you whine a little less, like let me get you all cheese or something. And the...
  8. Achilles

    Blood doping

    I was reading some articles regarding blood doping and how it could be used to get oxygenated blood into the vascular system. The article stated that a complete airway block was the cause and that blood doping gave animals an extra 15-30 minutes if survival w/o a single breath. Question: Could...
  9. Achilles

    What did Santa bring you?

    Carhart jacket Work boots Torpedo heater Medical dictionary Ems pocket field guide
  10. Achilles

    Basic to Medic to Doctor...

    The title says it all but I'll elaborate anyways. My original plan was to just do basic, well I found out I adore the medical aspect of. I was planning on getting my associates degree in EMT, but was wondering if I should even do paramedic if I plan on going to medical school. I would major in...
  11. Achilles

    In field amputations

    Just a few questions regarding in field amputations.... Does your agency have anything in the protocols regarding in-field amputations? I'm sure it is pretty infrequent that an amputation needs to be performed in the field. But what if it does, Suppose the nearest trauma surgeon is an hour...
  12. Achilles

    What do you think about this?

    I was doing my daily Facebook scroll and liking everyone's status on my news feed. I came across this link that a friend of mine who is a medic in a nearby city shared. Thoughts below please.
  13. Achilles

    Legalization of Cannabis WA/ CO

    I'm sure most of are aware Colorado and Washington state leagalized Cannabis. I'm pretty sure it's still illegal under fedral law, right? So if you have it in your possession (not smoking it, inhaling, eating or consuming it in any way) and you're pulled over, can't you still be fined under...
  14. Achilles


    Alright, I think the thing that pisses me off the most on Facebook is when someone says "like" for respect or prayer or love or Togo to heaven or to heal. If you keep scrolling you don't care. well I must not care because I keep on scrolling! Sometimes people will do a rigged poll where you like...
  15. Achilles

    How many amps?

    Probably a question for an electrical engineer, but how many millamps to kill an man? I've heard 5-70. So hoping someone knows
  16. Achilles

    Which is better?

    I asked this question in the 100% directionless thread about a month ago and got like four answers. My question is, is BVM better or is Mouth to mask better? I realize you ccan deliver 100% o2 with a BVM but you can feel the chest rises in mouth to mask. Regards, Andrew
  17. Achilles

    What will you be doing to honor those of 9-11

    I'm sure we can all recal exactly where we were and what we were doing on 9/11 when we heard about on attacks. Just starting this thread to see what you and/ or your department are doing to remember that tragic day.
  18. Achilles

    What to Include in Your Resumè

    Just making this thread as "how to write a resumè" is frequently brought up. Hopefully people with the right knowledge will contribute to this thread so it will stay at the top, or maybe an Admin will make it a sticky.
  19. Achilles

    Whelen hideaway strobes

    Hey, Just getting rid of my Whelen 660 hideaway strobes, I don't have any of the tubes so you'll have to get those, but you shouldn't have an issue with that. I'm selling this with the power supply and four 15' cables, 2 of the cables have automotive tubing on them. Asking 50$ OBO. And if...