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  1. mycrofft

    Would like to clean out my pictures, but can't find them.

    Are albums still around somewhere, or do I need the Platinum Paramedic ;) account to view them? Happy holidays!
  2. mycrofft

    Happy Thanksgiving to those away from home/country

    If you're on duty, and especially if you are overseas, have safe and satisfying holiday, and remember to "pay it on".
  3. mycrofft

    Liberian traveler brings Ebola to Dallas, TX Pt was asymptomatic when he boarded a plane in Liberia but became febrile 4-5 days after entrance to the...
  4. mycrofft

    Putting the brakes on the new anticoagulants However, apparently at this point it's more like yanking on the parking...
  5. mycrofft

    Anyone following Burning Man this year? (No I'm not back) Flooding, one traffic fatality. But, I guess that's better...
  6. mycrofft

    Just sayin'

    Not very active anymore but about every other month I'm still telling people about it who could benefit, and could benefit the site themselves. Keep it up. PS: When are you selling out to Google? Every one else has!;)
  7. mycrofft

    Prehospital EMS Primary Care section? Think about it.

    This borders upon "Get another room" (er, web forum), but if EMT's of all levels are going to be tasked with making "house calls"-type decisions other than "board 'em, start the O2 and drive like hell", would a section of EMTLIFE dedicated to the interface and transitioning between emergency and...
  8. mycrofft

    Misidentified Penicillin Allergies = Trouble

    As/If prehospital EMS starts to widen into primary care: Saw an article today on a nursing CEU website (Medscape); googled the issue and found another article...
  9. mycrofft

    The Emperor's New Scrubs

    What medical or prehospital rescue device have you personally enountered which doesn't work (as advertised)? ESPECIALLY if others all swear by it?
  10. mycrofft

    "Getting close to" * Teacher

    I'm tired of female students coming to a CPR class, where presumably they know they'll be doing CPR on manikins, with very low cut tops, three inch heels, etc. (So far, no guys drooping too far or male crop tops). Last time the two who did were rearranging their clothing to present more...
  11. mycrofft

    What are we loading that we shouldn't?

    I've been guilty of loading a picture and it is gynormous. I'm a repeat offender. Are there other things the mods wish we'd lay off besides huge files and links we haven't actually tried? (Moving GIF's maybe?).
  12. mycrofft

    "I get all tingly at football games"

    You are working first aid at the concessions area of a highschool football game. A middle-aged man walks up looking very worried and worriedly announces "Something's wrong with my crotch!". He doesn't appear inebriated, his gait is mostly normal, no visible signs of injury. He describes both...
  13. mycrofft

    A 1997 study in CIRCULATION promoting hands-only CPR for laypersons Includes diagram chart of historic "artificial resuscitation" techniques! I think that examining the history of technical development in medicine, especially those dependent upon another branch...
  14. mycrofft

    Moving the point of contact further out…"community health responders"

    I described the concept to my layperson wife. She asked if the paramedics or whatever could refuse to transport. I said yes if they decide it meets criteria. She asked why do this, people call paramedics because they have emergencies. I said not always but she replied sometimes they do...
  15. mycrofft

    California EMSA testing the waters for "community paramedicine" They seem to be ready to go.
  16. mycrofft

    Wilderness prehospital emergency medicine training: worth it?

    If you have undertaken a class in this genre (either first aid, EMT, or other), can you please share with the rest of us what level it was , was it worthwhile and why? I'd say please also include the urban equivalents ("prepper" ems). (I would not be surprised to see relies varying from ski...
  17. mycrofft

    The EMTLIFE version of "SNOPES" and "MYTHBUSTERS" combined.

    (With a little Jackass thrown in). Ever hear something which just doesn't sound right, is counterintuitive, in EMS? Have a possible means to try it out (without blowing or burning up anything or anybody)? How about sharing it here? And three Mycrofft bucks (equals one wheat stalk...
  18. mycrofft

    129th Rescue PJ's do it again.

    Once again the PJ's are off the Mexican coast, this time saving a one year old's life. It is not their first long-range, over-water mission. From an official USAF/DoD article commemorating the unit's 1000t save: "The first long-range, over-water rescue mission was completed Oct. 13, 1986 to...
  19. mycrofft

    ALS or BLS: Antidotes?

    Is anyone being given teaching, protocols and materials to give any drug or chemical (oral, parenteral, topical or inhaled) to "neutralize" a toxin? I'll accept epicac and charcoal/sorbitol slurry PO. Let's leave NARCAN out of this (that way lies madness). What about addressing intoxications...
  20. mycrofft

    "Statistically speaking, it doesn't apply to me"...

    Using a little white stove gas to goose a reluctant campfire. Skipping eye protection while using the chainsaw. Buying and loading handguns in the house and carrying them about. Driving without a seatbelt. Going off protocol. Obtaining medical materials and equipment and using them while not...