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  1. abckidsmom

    Talking to your partner.

    For a long time I've had a steady stream of partners with whom chatting came easily. I just got a new partner who is relatively new to EMS, intimidated and fearful about many many aspects of the job, and with whom I don't have much in common. Silence reigns. How much silence is there in your...
  2. abckidsmom

    How do you set the clock on a Philips MRX?

    I'm stumped. I googled a 240 page manual and came up empty. Surely someone here knows?
  3. abckidsmom

    Near the bridge, down the creek, for the chest pain call.

    (Or, why I *love* rural EMS) At midday, you are dispatched for a male in his 60s who was panning for gold on the creek when he had a sudden onset of chest pain and diaphoresis. You arrive, and head down to the creek, and see a guy waving you in about a quarter mile away. It's an ankle deep...
  4. abckidsmom

    Seattle CPR save?

    Can anyone find the video of that CPR save in a Seattle office? I have looked in the google and can't find it anywhere.
  5. abckidsmom

    Calling Trauma Team Alerts

    When you have a trauma patient, and you call report and saying "I'm calling in a trauma, we're 15 minutes out with blah blah blah," does your local trauma center ever *not* alert the patient? Is there proven benefit for patients in having the trauma team waiting for them when they arrive...
  6. abckidsmom

    Do you notice that you bring illness home from work?

    Flu is terrible this year, and we are seeing a lot of it, plus the standard GI viruses, upper respiratory schmutz and so on. Someone in my house has been sick since before Christmas, and I'm tired of it. I haven't been showering and changing before I come home from work, but that's coming...
  7. abckidsmom

    A train wreck of usals proportions.

    Dispatched for a 68 yom complaining of difficulty breathing. The additional says he has no medical history and has had difficulty breathing all night, now is unable to speak. On arrival, he's upstairs in the back bedroom with a fan blowing on his face, tripoding, gasping for air, generally...
  8. abckidsmom

    Be honest. Do you wear your seat belt in the back of the ambulance?

    I hopped on a random ambulance to be the medic assist for a BLS crew last night. When we were pulling into the parking lot of the hospital, the driver (whose face I never even saw) locked up the brakes and threw me across the back of the ambulance. The attendant in the back with me was...
  9. abckidsmom

    I am so hungry.

    I was taking my pizza out of the oven at the station tonight when the tones went off for a traffic accident. I grabbed two pieces and threw them on a plate. We got to the scene (I didn't eat it on the way because I was driving). It was a minor MVA, the driver was wishy washy on whether she...
  10. abckidsmom

    Calendar app?

    Is there a 24-hour shift friendly calendar app out there? I need to be able to manage my schedule in detail and the schedules of husband and kids in less detail. What I would really like is a paper calendar in my phone, with just "work 0700-2300" in the note, and no detail in the calendar...
  11. abckidsmom

    45 yom, unknown medical problem

    1130 on a Tuesday, you're dispatched 3 dues away for an unknown medical problem. Caller states pt wasn't acting right, and now has an altered mental status. History of MI and HTN. During your response, first responders arrive and upgrade the call to a cardiac arrest, then correct themselves...
  12. abckidsmom

    A flutter, anterior and inferior infarct, OMG.

    I love the Phillips monitor. It is a miracle machine. It can see all of that ^^^ in this vvv.
  13. abckidsmom

    Have you taken advantage of CISM lately?

    In my career, not many calls have gotten inside my head and set up shop on the crazy shelf. I had one put me for a doozy this week. It was a roller coaster night, and I started out tired, which didn't help at all. We had a baby not breathing which went really well, resuscitated him no...
  14. abckidsmom

    What is you standard out of chute time?

    What is your standard out of chute time? Does your agency track out of chute times? Is there a goal in mind? I struggle with this, having worked for too long in a SSM system where we were required to dispatch calls within 30 seconds of address verification, and then the crews had 30 seconds...
  15. abckidsmom

    Alexandria medic dies after falling from I395 Sad, freaky incident. It was dark and rain/snowing. Sounds like he was a guy who would have been fun to debate with. The raw video has one of the other medics...
  16. abckidsmom

    How do you get into nursing homes after hours?

    The doors are locked, the receptionist has gone home...who opens the door? Do you have knox box keys? Punch code? A facility we go to just decided that we won't be able to enter from the doors by the nurses stations any more, we can only come in the front doors, which are far removed from...
  17. abckidsmom

    Speaking of diagnosis...What have you diagnosed recently?

    Last night alone, I diagnosed: -a DVT in a lady who was 1 week s/p total knee replacement with a positive Homan's sign and redness and streaking up her calf. -TIAs in a lady with more of the same last week and a full workup then -really poorly controlled diabetes in a lady with...
  18. abckidsmom

    "She's not acting right."

    Scenario: At 0130, you are called for an 18 yo female with an altered mental status. The additional on dispatch is just "caller states that the patient is not acting right, and she's 5 months pregnant." You have a 15 minute response time. During the response, the dispatcher adds that the...
  19. abckidsmom

    Post Traumatic Stress

    Do you have any experience with this? We had a (relatively minor) earthquake a couple of months ago, and I thought that all my earthquake related anxiety would be gone by now. I have found that anything that rumbles the building gives me a little thrill of anxiety: trains passing, big...
  20. abckidsmom

    Do not ever bring the stretcher up more than one or two steps.

    Use some other means of carrying the patient down to the stretcher. That is all. Do you have an always or never statement that applies to EMS?