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  1. OceanBossMan263

    State Transitioning to NREMT ... Non-Accredited Programs

    Picking brains about what other states have done in this case: Word is NY is finally starting the transition to NREMT as the initial certification standard. The educational standards have moved this way already, leading to the sunset on new certification and formal refresher training for the...
  2. OceanBossMan263

    Program Changes Post-Pandemic

    Something to pass the time with hypotheticals: What changes, if any, can you see coming to education as a result of the pandemic (at EMT or other healthcare level)? Personally, I see the expansion of online learning for didactic portions of programs. One EMT/paramedic school in my area has...
  3. OceanBossMan263

    Reading Material / History

    Since I've found more down time to read, and since it seems halfway appropriate at the time, I've been looking for some reading material on disaster and military medicine, ie history of medicine in Napoleonic Wars, field treatment in American wars, disasters, etc. Sounds kind of broad but if...
  4. OceanBossMan263

    NY and Instructor Certifications

    Anybody in NY have certification as either NAEMT or NAEMSE instructors and then certify as Clinical Lab Instructor or Certified Instructor Coordinator in-state? I'm debating whether it would be worth pursuing either of these now, since locally there aren't many State courses given, or waiting...
  5. OceanBossMan263

    NY EMT-CC to Paramedic Bridge Course

    Anyone doing the course through Northwell Health? Trying to get everything in order for the June course, wondering if anyone has any early reviews.
  6. OceanBossMan263

    Event Medic gigs

    Any members of the forum currently working for any of the event medical companies? I'm looking into it for some extra cash and wondering how the experience has been for some people, especially for info on how the legal aspects work (independent contractor status, actual medical direction in...
  7. OceanBossMan263

    NYers taking NREMT

    This is a question for those of you from NY who may have pursued various NREMT status. I am currently certified as NREMT-B. I recently refreshed my NY EMT-CC and am looking into NR levels for that, should I choose to leave the state anytime soon. Have any NY EMT-CCs on here successfully applied...